Welcome to elizabill.com
"Resurrection is the gateway to surrender and surrender is the birthplace of Faith."  -Elizabill

Elizabill is the name given to the relationship between a collective of nonphysical energies identified as Bill and the Angels and the physical person, Elizabeth, through which they send their messages of transformative healing and enlightenment.

Elizabeth serves as a clear channel for these ongoing communications which offer profound guidance and insights about overcoming fears and negative programming, about stripping away the masks and obstacles that deceive and get in the way to uncover, discover and release the unlimited potential of the genuine you.  The channels are encoded with healing energies which connect vibrationally and conform to each individual.

For Elizabeth, her part in these communications was not something she was seeking or, in herself, even imagined.  But these energies came to her, spoke to her and sought to enlist her service.  At first, this was bewildering, unsettling, strange and a bit scary, yet also fascinating and wonderful.  Gradually, Elizabeth became more comfortable with these energies, realizing that their intention and purpose was purely positive and of the highest good.  And what they had to say was not only personal, but universal and too amazingly incredible to be denied.  So, over time, her fears, her wondering if she might be going crazy, fell away.  She came to see, understand and accept that, for whatever reasons, she was chosen to partner with this collective to express their wisdom to individuals and the world. 

Simply put, this is why this website is here.

Bill and the Angels wish you to know that you have free will, that any and every thought and action, no matter how big or small, is an opportunity to make enlightened choices and practice The Refinement of TransformationTM.

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