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The development of the Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (ScARF) continues. Help contribute to the debate by visiting our Forum, and check this page for regular updates and news. The Mission Statement for ScARF, and the makeup and remit of the ScARF Steering Group, are available here. Links to other projects and organisations can be found here

Current research panels include: the Palaeolithic & Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze AgeIron Age, Medieval, Marine & Maritime, and Science in Archaeology panels. We are also looking at how to approach archaeological research into the Modern period. The Iron Age panel also includes a group considering research into Roman Scotland.

The Vision

By the end of the project we will have in place an updatable framework highlighting both current research strengths within Scottish archaeology, and areas for future exploration. This will enable anyone wishing to contribute to the research environment of Scotland to effectively plan their work in relation to the framework; ensuring that future research is relevant, represents greater value, and effectively contributes to our understanding of the past.

As the framework is envisioned as a rolling project, updated as fresh research is undertaken, it will provide an enduring and relevant legacy for those involved in archaeological research. The framework will provide both a structure to build upon and a set of research goals to aspire to.


The Method

The framework is being developed in partnership with Historic Scotland and all those involved in the archaeology of Scotland. Panels are being assembled to identify current research strengths and future research themes for particular aspects of Scottish archaeology.



It is important for the success of this project that you are involved throughout the continuing development of ScARF.

Please register at the ScARF website and enjoy exploring the material available and leave comments!

In addition, the Forum on this website provides a meeting place for discussion. This is a valuable opportunity for us to hear your ideas and stimulate debate.

We continue to be interested in everyone's opinion, and comments, either through the ScARF website or through the individual panel pages here.

If you have any specific suggestions or queries please get in touch with our Project Manager, Jeff Sanders, at


Survey of St Ninian's Cave



Telling Scotland's Story launched

04 Feb 2013

An accessible graphic novel style booklet has been produced to accompany the Scottish Archaeological Research Framework

Conference: Woods, Trade and Boats - NWDG Woodland History conference

11 Sep 2012

Thursday 25th October 2012 in the A K Bell Library, Perth.

Conference: 10th Anniversary of the Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders Archaeology conference

07 Sep 2012

9am -4:45pm on the 17th November 2012, Queen Margaret University, Musselburgh.