Ecoflex – Rubber Tiles And Sports Floorings

Proven to be extremely popular over the past few years, rubber tiles have been extensively used on playgrounds and indoor sports surfaces like gymnasiums. Rubber tiles are a better alternative to traditional playground surfaces and gym flooring. Rubber sports surfaces combine several features like safety, simplicity, cost effectiveness and ease of maintenance. They are easier to install and repair. Environment-friendly tiles are manufactured from recycled tyres and provide a soft, resilient, non-skid and highly durable surface. Easy to lay rubber sports flooring may be laid on a variety of surfaces including sand, soil, wood, tarmac and concrete.

We bring to you Tuffloor, a product of Ecoflex that is ideally suited for gymnasiums. Its biggest advantage lies in its high durability and excellent load bearing capacity, ensuring that one need not worry about any replacement for a long time. What’s more, instead of the entire surface, individual rubber tiles can be easily replaced for specific heavy wear and tear areas. All in all, Tuffloor is the final word in gym flooring!

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