Essenttia –Wall Coverings and Wall Papers

After many years of minimalist interior design, designer wallpapers are gaining momentum as the best way to individualize a home or workplace. Most people think of wallpaper as a flat vinyl surface with a printed pattern or image on it, but there is a huge variety of vinyl wallpapers and texture wall coverings available today and each one gives its own unique look to the room and overall home interior or commercial space.

We have over 5,000 designs of vinyl and texture wallpapers imported from the USA, Europe, Korea and Japan to suit your tastes. Essenttia wallpapers and textured wall coverings include designs like abstracts, contemporary, stripes, florals, damasks, retro, metallic, animations, designs for kids’ rooms, etc. Our innovative range of texture, vinyl wall coverings provide dimension and depth and reflect the natural effects of silk, velvet, jute, cane, bamboo, stone, leather, cork besides others. Indulge yourself and make a tasteful statement in every area of your home or office!

While aesthetic excellence is the goal of many individuals who choose to use decorative wallpapers, most don’t stop to calculate the long-term cost savings versus painting the walls. Besides being easy to install compared to paint, under normal conditions, wallpaper can last at least 3-5 years with only an occasional cleaning with a damp cloth. Many wall coverings last much longer. Wall paint has a lifespan of just 2 years before it starts to look a little weary and  the continuous upkeep of painted walls is overall more expensive than the initial investment of wallpaper, especially considering that the installation of wallpapers is far easier, faster and less messy an affair than paint.

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