Acoustica – Acoustic Insulation Sheets

Have you ever experienced waking up in the middle of the night because somebody in the next room is snoring loudly or has the television playing at a volume louder than what is acceptable? Well, the good news is that there is something one can do about the ‘noise’ and ensure you don’t have sleepless nights. Acoustic insulation is your answer for a noiseless world and can be installed in your house or office to insulate one room from another, or one floor from another or even one apartment from another,  thus creating a more quiet environment. Acoustic wallpaper basically aids in reducing noise traveling through the wall by determining the flanking transmission, which is the passage of sound through floors and walls.

Essenttia Acoustic Wallpapers branded as ‘Acoustica’ are meant to create a quieter ambience and are built to exceed the most stringent standards required for coating the walls of auditoriums, cinemas, public buildings, schools, restaurants, office conference rooms and cabins, hotel rooms, banquet halls and theatres. The superior features and performance guarantee noise insulation, reduction, absorption, echo reduction, as well as strength, durability, convenience and security. These features make our acoustic wallpapers ideal for both residential and commercial use. Essenttia acoustic wallpaper meets the requirements of creating a correct reflection of sound resonance, improving or correcting the effects of architectural acoustics and has successfully met the test of ‘Ecological European Standard (EN 12149 ‐ ISO 6401 ‐ EN 717‐3 ‐ EN 713). It generates an absorption of 30/60% of midrange ‐ 250/2000htz.

Acoustica sound insulation wallpapers are available in 18 different colours and textures and installation is hassle-free and fast!

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