Onduline – Roofing Sheets And Roof Tiles

A roof can be as simple and basic as a means to keep the rain out. A roof can also be a dramatic addition to a building’s architecture. Roof insulation can reduce heating cost extensively, thus saving you money and greenhouse gas emissions. A well insulated roof can also substantially contribute to keeping your house cooler during the hotter months. Some of the challenges with regard to roofing design and installations are pushing the limits of the structure and creating a successful rooftop – both watertight and aesthetic – for the owner.

France-based Onduline Roofing is one of the largest producers of lightweight material for roofing systems, under-roofing and for damp control purpose. The company’s exclusive and patented technology allows production of composite roofing sheets made of recycled cellulose and high-grade bitumen.

These are ‘eco-friendly’ cellulose-bituminous roofing sheets. These roofing systems provide temperature insulation, sound reduction and are a non-corrosive, waterproof, and a very viable as well as enviable alternative to asbestos or metallic corrugated sheets. Applications include roofing of commercial and residential facilities like factories, warehouses, bungalows, terraces, etc. “Onduline” is available in various colours. The same product is available in tile form as roof tiles.

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