Elementto –  Texture Paints

Textured paints offer matchless beauty and provide a substitute for missing texture in plaster or regular paint. They are fast becoming popular for home/interior decoration.

Elementto texture paints, both stucco and emulsion, are imported from Italy and offer a variety of high quality paint finishes like marble, silk, sand etc., with several color trends that include metallic shades of gold, silver and copper. Texture paints can be applied on walls and ceilings very easily and quickly.

Texture paints offer dual purpose. They are generally more durable and are designed to hide any imperfections in the wall or ceiling. Imperfections like cracks, cement walls, old paneling, uneven dry wall, or holes are hidden with ease with texture paint at a rather reasonable cost.

Secondly, texture paints can create dramatic and unique wall designs. A variety of tools can be used to create a design like natural sponges, stamps, styluses, shovels, or specialized brushes. Elementto texture paints are long lasting with excellent finish. Bring your walls alive!!!

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