Ness Security – Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire safety has become a priority issue. Considering the unprecedented increase in the number of high-rises, the threat of fire hazards in buildings has become a reality to be contended with. The “IT CAN NEVER HAPPEN TO ME” attitude is the chief cause for complacency. A fire fighting system is primarily designed to take care of a large fire in any structure and typically consists of fire-sprinklers, fire-hydrants, fire-extinguishers, fire-hoses, pumps etc.

As a manufacturing and distribution company, we provide the entire fire-safety and fire-protection product portfolio. Our range of fire-fighting equipment includes fire-hydrants, fire-sprinklers, fire-hoses, fire-hose cabinets, fire-hose couplings, fire-hose nozzles, fire monitors, etc. Our first aid components include fire sand-buckets, fire-axes, fire-blankets, fire-extinguishers of different types such as water-based, carbon dioxide, mechanical foam and dry chemical powder with varied capacities as per recognized standards for all classes of fire.  Our entire product portfolio comprises reputed brands like New Age, Aaag (Shah Bhogilal Jethalal), Omaxe, Ness Securities, CRC.

Even an individual can be prepared to combat a minor fire caused commonly by short-circuiting by using smaller capacity portable fire-extinguishers in their homes and cars. Portable fire-extinguishers can save lives and property by putting out or containing fires within the capability of the fire-extinguisher. As experts in this field for more than a decade, we bring to you quality and reliable fire-fighting products that adhere to prescribed standards.

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