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Public Image Ltd.Annalisa Loved track 25 Aug 6:23pm
Public Image Ltd.Religion II 25 Aug 6:08pm
Public Image Ltd.Religion I 25 Aug 6:07pm
Public Image Ltd.Theme 25 Aug 4:39pm
Public Image Ltd.Public Image Loved track 25 Aug 4:35pm
OrbitalThe Box, Pt. 1 Loved track 23 Aug 1:32pm
OrbitalP.E.T.R.O.L. Loved track 23 Aug 1:25pm
OrbitalThe Girl With the Sun in Her Head Loved track 23 Aug 3:55am
Public Image Ltd.Public Image Loved track 23 Aug 3:52am
Daft PunkHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger Loved track 23 Aug 3:48am
Faith No MoreMidlife Crisis Loved track 22 Aug 9:56pm
Faith No MoreMidlife Crisis Loved track 22 Aug 8:47pm
SonyPSX Demo 1 Intro Soundtrack 22 Aug 8:46pm
Public Image Ltd.Public Image Loved track 22 Aug 8:43pm
Public Image Ltd.Public Image Loved track 21 Aug 11:00pm
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About Me

Track 1: The Land Of Green Ginger by The Orb from the Bicycles & Tricycles album.(on 12 Jun 2006)

Track 1,000: Papua New Guinea by The Future Sound of London from the Accelerator album.(on 23 Dec 2006)

Track 2,500: Lifeforms (Path 2) by The Future Sound of London from the Lifeforms single.(on 01 Apr 2007)

Track 4,000: Blade Runner (End Titles) by Vangelis from the Blade Runner score.(on 07 Jun 2007)

Track 7,500: Heliosphan by Aphex Twin from the Selected Ambient Works 85-92 album.(on 29 Aug 2007)

Track 10,000: Hooker With a Penis by Tool from the Ænima album. (on 28 Oct 2007)

Track 12,500: The Lovers by Amorphous Androgynous from The Isness album.(on 14 Jan 2008)

Track 15,000: Agitato Dolorosa by Elliot Goldenthal from the In Dreams score.(on 05 Apr 2008)

Track 20,000: Petiatil Cx Htdui by Aphex Twin from the Drukqs album.(on 09 Oct 2008)

Track 25,000: Pirhana by Sasha from the wipEout 3 soundtrack.(on 02 Jan 2009)

Track 28,000: Would? by Alice in Chains from the Dirt album.(on 26 Jan 2009)

Track 30,000: Underwater Love (Morales Underwater club mix) by Smoke City from the Underwater Love single.(on 04 Mar 2009)

Track 35,000: Loops of Fury by The Chemical Brothers from the Loops of Fury EP.(on 04 Jun 2009)

Track 40,000: Moaner (Album Version) by Underworld from the Moaner single.(on 08 June 2013)

Tracks played as of 25th August 2009, 37,316 plays. After deleting Jesper Kyd, Akira Yamaoka & Rory McFarlane from my Last.fm library, on the 25th of August; I now have 31,533 plays. See my corresponding journal entry for more about this event. :)

2,666th Loved Track:Magnificent by U2 :D

599th artist added to library: Pop Will Eat Itself :) (3/5/2009)

600th artist added to library: Killing Joke :D (4/5/2009)

601st artist added to library: Monster Magnet :) (4/5/2009)

665th artist added to library: Serge Gainsbourg :) (27/8/2009)

666th artist added to library: Brigitte Bardot :D (28/8/2009)

666th The Orb song played... Blue Room on the 17th of March 2010 at 8:25pm

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