Welcome to the 2013 IGDA Summit!

Now in its third year, the IGDA Summit represents a unique opportunity for the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) to highlight the expertise, insights and experience of its global membership – from board members and staff to key volunteers and engaged members.

While the IGDA is very happily partnered with many events around the world and throughout the year, the IGDA Summit held in conjunction with Casual Connect is truly representative of the IGDA’s ongoing mission and presence in the global game development community. We aim to see this event continue to evolve and become the key event for IGDA members to congregate, share insights and collaborate on the organization’s initiatives and goals.


The following tracks will be highlighted this year at the IGDA Summit:

Advocacy-icon-Small Advocacy: Addressing issues requiring change, related to gender, ethnicity, perception of the industry, etc.
BeyondDev-icon-Small Beyond Development: Applying our game development expertise beyond core development
Community-icon-Small Community: Building a fervent following around your game
CoreDev-icon-Small Core Development: Topics focused on key functional parts of game development
Entrepreneur-icon-Small Entrepreneur: Starting a business and running it well, and ideas on how to maximize return
GetStarted-icon-Small Getting Started: Just starting out in the game industry? This is for you!
IGDA-icon-Small IGDA Community: Harnessing the power of the community for IGDA Chapters, SIGs and other efforts
Indie-icon-Small Indie Development: Forging your own path as a game developer and/or studio
Leadership-icon-Small Leadership: Managing people well and managing better, how to lead effectively