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2013 FIAF Award presented to French Filmaker Agnès Varda during the International Cannes Film Festival

Download the Press release concerning this event:
FIAF Award 2013 - Press Release - Communiqué de presse

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The 2013 FIAF Award was presented to the veteran French filmmaker Agnès Varda. FIAF President Eric Le Roy, who presented the Award during the “film heritage” lunch co-hosted by the Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC) and the Cinémathèque française in Cannes on 22 May 2013, said:

“The relationship between Agnès Varda and cinematheques is a long love story. Cinematheques around the world feel that Agnès Varda has always been on their side, as she has never stopped travelling to present her films in those institutions which preserve, restore and project them. They have always held her as a true friend, sometimes even as a confidante, and as an artist whose work they have always enjoyed exhibiting and programming. The passion with which Agnès Varda has worked over the last twenty years to preserve, restore and disseminate her oeuvre as well as that of Jacques Demy, often in close collaboration with film archives of the FIAF network, remains a model for all present and future filmmakers. I can think of few other film personalities who underline and support FIAF’s goals and values as well she does.”

Please find photos of the event on FIAF’s Flickr website:

Created in 2001, the FIAF Award has been presented to the following personalities, in recognition of their dedication to the preservation and restoration of, and access to the world film heritage for the pleasure of the audiences, as well as for the benefit of future generations:

2001: Martin Scorsese
2002: Manoel de Oliveira
2003: Ingmar Bergman
2004: Geraldine Chaplin
2005: Mike Leigh
2006: Hou Hsiao-hsien
2007: Peter Bogdanovich
2008: Nelson Pereira dos Santos
2009: Rithy Panh
2010: Liv Ullmann
2011: Kyoko Kagawa
2013: Agnès Varda

FIAF, the International Federation of Film Archives, brings together the world's leading institutions in the field of moving picture heritage. Its affiliates are dedicated to the rescue, collection, preservation and screening of moving images, which are valued both as works of art and culture and as historical documents. When it was founded in 1938, FIAF had four members. Today it brings together more than 150 institutions in nearly 80 countries - a reflection of the extent to which preservation of moving image heritage has become a world-wide concern.

FIAF’s main aims are to uphold a code of ethics for film preservation and practical standards for all areas of film archive work; to promote the creation of moving image archives in countries which lack them; to seek the improvement of the legal context within which film archives carry out their work; to promote film culture and facilitate historical research on both a national and international level; to foster training and expertise in preservation and other archive techniques;  to ensure the permanent availability of material from the collections for study and research by the wider community; to encourage the collection and preservation of documents and materials relating to the cinema; to develop cooperation between affiliates to ensure the international availability of films and documents.
Much of the work of FIAF takes the form of active cooperation between affiliates on projects of mutual benefit or interest - for example, the careful restoration of a particular film, or the compilation of a national or international filmography. The more visible activities include the annual congress, publications (the Journal of Film Preservation, the FIAF Bulletin Online, the FIAF Databases Online and other occasional reports and manuals) and the work of the specialist commissions, who bring together individual experts from affiliated archives.

FIAF has always had an active international profile. It was closely involved in the preparatory work for the UNESCO Recommendation for the Safeguarding and Preservation of Moving Images, approved in Belgrade in 1980. In pursuit of the goals of the Recommendation, the Federation facilitates contacts between developing archives and older archives to make sure that experience is passed on. FIAF is currently involved in various training programmes for film archivists around the world, in partnership with funders such as UNESCO, the Goethe Institut and Ibermedia. Current programmes include the FIAF Summer School (held every two years during the festival ‘Il Cinema Ritrovato’ in Bologna) and FIAF ‘Schools on Wheels’ in Africa and South America.
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