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The Programmers' Stone

Hi, and welcome to The Programmers' Stone. The purpose of this site is to recapture, explore and celebrate the Art of Computer Programming. By so doing we hope to help the reader either become a better programmer, understand what less experienced programmers are struggling with, or communicate more effectively with other experienced programmers.

We know from work with individuals that by doing this we put the fun back into the work and greatly extend the boundaries of the possible, so building much smarter and stronger systems.

The present structure is planned around an eight day course, delivered two days a week for four weeks. Each chapter corresponds to the course notes for one day's material. The eighth day should be free discussion, so no prepared notes, meaning that there are seven chapters. We've deliberately made each chapter a single HTML page because it makes it much easier to print the text. Sorry there are no internal anchors yet, there are big headings, so use your slider!

We'd very much like to hear from you!

Alan & Colston

Chapter 1 - Thinking about Thinking

Chapter 2 - Thinking about Programming

Chapter 3 - The Programmer at Work

Chapter 4 - Customs and Practices

Chapter 5 - Design Principles

Chapter 6 - Prudence and Safety

Chapter 7 - Some Weird Stuff...