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Notes From CH_2005

7/2/6 Aesthetics
Hey; check it out, I changed the Visited Link color so that you can tell where you've been on the site. Don't know why I set them to both be the same in the first place. Amazing the kinds of things that get fixed on the computers in my life when the girl in my life is an ocean away.

7/2/6 Palette Monkey
Well, it's been one year, one month, and one day since my last update but just to let you know that I'm alive I'm letting you know that I've added a utility that does something very interesting. Wint it workign one some mtm1 stuff and the MTM1 track palette file has a few special colors that define things like the colors of the overlay map line, and the colors for the finder. To save some painful XVI32 time I whipped up a descendant of Untransparative to do some quick color moving and setting.

Without further adieu, Ladies and Germs, May I introduce you to, Palette Monkey

Also, be sure to check out Phineus' online solution that works for the text based Jasc PAL files.

Both are Open Source :)

6/1/5 Printer Friendly, C-POD PDF.
Hey look at this. SLOS_PaPa made a PDF of the Online documentation of C-POD that Phineus wrote. The pdf can be downloaded here. Next time you see him give him a pat on the back.

4/18/5 We've Returned
One year off the net - sheesh. Well I did a reformat on my computer and installed Win2k and Apache and php. So I converted my site over to php and Phineus has been so gracious as to lend me a few MB got my utility collection. So, please enjoy my lisiting of Utilities. Drop me a line in the e-mail or mtm2 forum if you have any questions or suggestions.
Keep on MTMing,

10/22/3 C-POD Docs
Phineus wrote the documentation for C-POD. It tells everything. Access it from the C-POD page.

7/28/3 Hits
This homepage just went over 10,000 hits. Wow.

1/28/3 Two new open source utils
CH's VCpp 2D to 3D - This is a remake of an old modeling program i never finshed. Now complete with tutorial :)
Untransparatize - This a great program that takes act fiels and changes anything transparent in them to black. Great for fixing those accidental 'texture holes' in your art.

12/1/2 Hummer UI!
Check out the Utilities page for my new hummer user interface for mtm2!

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