SEO blog post search results Tutorial

Tutorial on Optimizing your SEO WordPress Blog Post

SEO WordPress Blog Post Guide

There must be hundreds of thousands of new WordPress blog posts created each day yet there is no definitive step by step guide on how to Search Engine Optimize a blog post until now. Most experts do it unconsciously but when it’s not written down some steps will be missed. Before creating a blog post make sure to have your WordPress blog Search Engine Optimized and have the proper SEO plugins.

Tutorial on SEO Optimizing your WordPress Blog Post

  1. Create a new blog post
    1. Have a couple of keywords to focus on (SEO WordPress Blog Post)
    2. Optimize the title – Title should be focus, clear, and have a catchy headline with keywords in the title (See Copywriting Headline Ideas. The primary aim is to attract the visitor to click on it. Secondary purpose is to have keywords so it would show up in search results)
    3. Optimize the url – (Visitors do not read this so focus on the SEO keywords here)
  2. Change headings to h2 and h3 (H1 is usually too large and you don’t need h4 and higher)
  3. Italicize and bold keywords -
    Italicize or bold each keyword only once or twice in the post, not every occurrence of it.
  4. Make lists when possible (Use the list function in the editor)
  5. Link to 2-3 outside/external sites (If you link to high PR related sites, Google will create an association with your blog post and the popular sites giving you slightly higher authority. Open in a new window so they do not leave your site.)
    1. Create external links when it references a particular post, site, or thing, e.g. (I found out about this shop from John’s top 10 list of flower shops) or if there needs to be some explanation of a term, e.g. (You need to add more of the good HDL Cholesterol to your diet)
    2. Links should be relevant to the text and to the sentence. If the text is “video ideas for dental clinics” do not link to something generic like but to a page that actually provides info on video ideas for dental clinics. This same principle applies to internal linking.
    3. Do not link to direct competitors. Why drive traffic away from your site and give them a SEO boost? Link to them if they have something very valuable or if you believe the value of their content outweighs the traffic your drive away.
  6. Link to internal pages to build your keywords and get more views

    1. If a link appears multiple times you just need to link the first time.
  7. Check off the appropriate categories (create new ones if you need to)
  8. Add Tags, read through the article and look for keywords to use as tags. Keywords/tags are usually the important verbs in the article. Also consider other keywords that people would search for.
  9. Enter keyword focus – This will be the keyword you want to show up on search for
  10. SEO title (This is what will show on Google, your aim is to write something human want to click on because if humans click on it then Google will rank you higher. If you have a good title, this is usually the same.) Try to maximize all 70 characters.
  11. Meta Description (If you don’t enter a description it will take the first 156 characters. This is the description that shows up on Google Search results)
    1. Have the keywords at the beginning – have it 2 times if possible
    2. Must be comprehensible (Readers have to understand it)
    3. Summarize the article (Visitor know what information they are getting when they click)
    4. Entice them to click and read more (More clicks on it then higher ranking on Google)
    5. Try to use all 140 characters to close enough to that
  12. Add at least one image
    1. Rename the image so that it has the keywords but make sure it relates to the image
    2. Leave spaces in the filename. Since you left spaces when you upload it will have spaces in the title
    3. Copy and paste the title into the alternative text, and description
    4. Insert into post

That is the definitive guide to writing a Search Engine Optimized WordPress blog post. Please add comments and suggestions below. This is a great checklist for you to use or pass to others for them to learn writing SEO WordPress blog post.