Lawless mayhem at Woodford County Jail: KEEP CALLS COMING

Today, both Kevin & Tyler had their email, commissary, and phone taken away in expressed retaliation for the outside support they’ve received.

And it gets worse.

As punishment, the jail has also taken away their right to see a doctor and file grievances – both flagrantly illegal moves.

Yet more scandal: A jail staff member warned Kevin Olliff two days ago they would impose this punishment if he didn’t have this website taken down.

The Woodford County jail is out of control and criminal, and they are attempting to cut off Kevin & Tyler’s communication to the outside world to keep anyone from knowing what they are doing. To say this has backfired is an understatement, because now they have escalated a simple request for books and food to something that is legally actionable.

Keep the pressure up

We are working to get names of the people responsible and post them here so they can be publicly accountable. For now, we ask that everyone keep the pressure on the jail.

Call the jail: 309-467-2116 is the number. Tell them to provide Tyler & Kevin with vegan food, and restore their access to doctors, the phone, email, commissary, and books.

Call the sheriff: Sheriff James Pierceall, 309-467-2375. Let him know what his happening in his jail, and ask what he’s going to do to correct it.

Call the mayor: Scott Punke, 309-467-2113. Let him know Woodford County Jail has turned into a lawless operation and inform him of all the details, especially that prisoners are being denied access to medical care as punishment.

Here is a rundown of the events so far:

  • From day one, the jail has refused to serve them vegan meals. They have been in jail for 3 weeks.
  • Just after Kevin & Tyler’s book wish lists were posted, the jail declared a ban on all books in the jail.
  • After a flood of phone calls, a jail staffperson told both Tyler & Kevin on Tuesday that if the calls didn’t stop, they would take away everything they could from both of them, including phone calls and commissary.
  • Also on Tuesday, a staffperson told Kevin Johnson he would be punished if this website (detailing the jail’s misdeeds) wasn’t taken down.
  • On Thursday morning, every possible thing that could be taken from them, was: Email access was cut off, phone revoked, and commissary was taken away.
  • In addition, they had both their ability to file grievances cut off, and their ability to see a doctor.

    Kevin and Tyler’s health in danger

    As it stands, Kevin & Tyler are receiving insufficient food, and now are unable to supplement it with commissary food. And as they are effectively being starved, they are also unable to seek medical help.

    As their situation worsens, they are unable to get word out of their condition, because all means of communication have been cut off.

    It is vitally important that we escalate pressure on the Woodford County Jail now.

    The world is watching

    Now Woodford County Jail’s misdeeds have a worldwide audience. This is not going away for them, despite their attempt to create an information blackout by cutting off outgoing communication for Kevin & Tyler.

    We are compiling names of the public servants responsible and will post soon,  so the world can know who is behind this.

    We are moving forward with legal remedies on this end. We need everyone out there to keep up the pressure with phone calls.

    Woodford County Jail: Your criminal actions now have a worldwide audience. Your feeble attempt to cut off Kevin & Tyler’s communication channels and prevent the public from knowing what you’re doing has failed. The spotlight is on you.


    Jail: 309-467-2116

    Sheriff: Sheriff James Pierceall, 309-467-2375

    Mayor: Scott Punke, 309-467-2113