Mark Herring for Attorney General of Virginia

Public Safety

Keeping Virginians Safe

As Attorney General, I will make protecting Virginians a top priority, particularly for our most vulnerable citizens. In 2012, I received a “Champion of Justice” award from the Virginia Association of Commonwealth’s Attorneys because I took on tough issues like designer drugs and protecting victims of domestic violence. This is the approach I will take to the Office of Attorney General.

Protecting Seniors

Those of us with aging parents or otherwise incapacitated adult family members know how important it is to protect them from being taken advantage of by scammers and con artists. I will use the office of the Attorney General to protect the elderly, just as I have done as a State Senator. In the legislature, I sponsored and passed a bill to make it a crime to knowingly financially exploit an older or incapacitated adult.

Combating Sexual and Domestic Abuse

As a member of the Governor’s Domestic Violence Response and Advisory Board, I have learned about some gut-wrenching cases of sexual and domestic abuse. Reports of domestic violence are on the rise in many areas of Virginia, and I believe the state can and should do more to ensure Virginians can live free of fear of becoming a victim of sexual or domestic violence. That’s why I championed legislation to strengthen penalties for strangulation, one of the most lethal forms of domestic violence. As Attorney General, I will continue to make this issue a priority.

Protecting Our Youth

I also believe we must do more to protect our youth. Recent tragedies like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School have placed a spotlight on gun violence. I have and will continue to support common sense reforms to reduce gun violence including one-handgun-per-month and closing the gun show loophole. I also support increasing state resources to improve Virginia’s mental health system to ensure young people who need help are identified and receive the services they need.

Unfortunately, the threat of gun violence is not the only danger our young people face today. I have sponsored and passed legislation to criminalize dangerous designer drugs such as synthetic marijuana and bath salts. We must remain vigilant as long as there are those who would manufacture and sell dangerous chemicals to our kids.