Today’s the day: After 27 months of about 12,500 total man hours, 3,483 commits, three product strategies, 31 redesigns, 7 major architecture shifts, countless code refactors, one name change, and approximately 327 liters of consumed Jameson, it is my very great pleasure to introduce you to Craft.

If you have’t been paying attention, Craft is a beautiful, robust, extremely powerful, ridiculously flexible CMS which we’ve been diligently working away on, mostly in secret up until a few months ago.

Yes, we renamed it. (Previously we called it Blocks.) There was some legal influence in the decision, but ultimately it came down to the fact that we built something very different than we set out to build. “Blocks” was the name of a lightweight little CMS that sounded like a fun 6 month project back in 2011. Those six months passed, another six months passed, and then another before we realized what we had done – built a real, full-featured CMS that we had completely fallen in love with.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago, as we started figuring out how to market the thing, that we realized that “Blocks” didn’t really make sense anymore. We knew our target market, and we knew who wasn’t in our target market, and decided that we needed a name that helped identify that. The CMS is for people who like to take their time and do things right. It’s for those of us who truly approach our work with the utmost skillfulness and craft. We craftsmen actually like writing every last HTML tag by hand, and we wouldn’t touch an off-the-shelf theme with a ten-foot stick.

If you can identify with that, I highly recommend that you give Craft a shot. Today marks its first day in Public Beta, and it has really shaped up to be something great. We’re totally thrilled to have made it this far, and we can’t wait to see what you do with it!

We will be posting more about Craft in the coming weeks – we have plenty of stories to tell! – but if we make this post any longer we’re going to lose half of you, so we’ll keep it short and sweet. Go download Craft!

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