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  • LunaLunchen

    Hey, i have just discoverd them some weeks ago. I really like "i want you to want me" and "the flame". Also "voices" was my my head for quite some time.^^ Nice that u saw them, must be pretty good. Would have sing along aswell probably ;) i will know try out your favorite song^^

    30 Aug 3:03pm Reply
  • CattheColourful

    Oh shit dude, that's true :) Nobody knows who the members of Ghost B.C. are and it makes them even more epic, although I absolutely love their music and their super satanic lyrics. If yo ustill haven't take a listen, you absolutely must do that :) Listen theirs 'Jigolo Har Megiddo', that's the stuff that got me into it when I first heard it by my friend who played it to me few days ago. Absolutely awesome stuff.

    22 Aug 1:55pm Reply
  • Nintendoman64

    Yeah I think Twin Peaks is my favourite thing Lynch has done, but Eraserhead is a fantastic film as well. Have you heard his music? he has a couple of albums out now. Interesting stuff, worth a listen.

    19 Aug 8:00pm Reply
  • Nintendoman64

    Haha, Blue Velvet is what got me into Roy Orbison. I'm a big David Lynch fan :D

    16 Aug 10:35pm Reply
  • narGC

    Yeah, Zappa has a lot of great music that isn't that well known. I usually play the albums i want to hear rather than letting it play random though :) Don't really use scrobbler :o I scrobble from Spotify.

    10 Aug 8:36pm Reply
  • RAHB

    Björk is cool and Iceland is cool.

    10 Aug 4:06am Reply
  • Doodlebop666

    The wu-tang clan isn't something to frick with

    31 Jul 8:47am Reply
  • RAHB

    I assume you just delete your account...

    30 Jul 10:19pm Reply
  • RAHB

    Oh, good question. He disappeared O_O

    28 Jul 12:38am Reply
  • RAHB

    I don't know who that is :/

    26 Jul 4:43am Reply
  • LunaLunchen

    Hehe, actually i searched for that long aswell, but its pretty esay to find. At the top, the second button from the left. And than the last thing that u can click on, settings. ANd then, the first thing is about Maybe it is differnt in other versions, but i dont think so. Pretty easy when u think about it. :D And now, have fun scrobbeling!

    14 Jul 8:47am Reply
  • RAHB

    Probably isn't identical, I think the bar doesn't go by percentage as much as some totals that they have plugged into it.

    14 Jul 2:08am Reply
  • John2645

    Hey We saw you liked one of our songs. You can download most of our songs for free at our website. Just click one of the links below. The DIAMOND UNDERGROUND

    14 Jul 1:03am Reply
  • LunaLunchen

    Ah, thats sounds nice. As i dont have a older brother or somebody else with a good taste, i searchedfor good music alone. One day i got the idea to play the classic rock radio here on, which was awesome back then. Later on i tried the progressive rock radio, and more importantly, I listen to whatever i want on Spotify. Lately, Pink Floyd has been my favorite, after listening to some of their albums full. Defenitly worth a try! :D Have a good day!

    12 Jul 8:55am Reply
  • LunaLunchen

    Hey, thanks for the friendship request. You got really quite some differnt music here, like u wrote in the description. But hey, changes are always good. Have a nice day!

    10 Jul 11:54am Reply
  • RAHB

    Oh shit son. Residents, Zappa, John Zorn, Country Joe and Bill Bruford all in the same day. I underestimated the size of your music penis.

    1 Jun 3:08pm Reply
  • niko-san

    Konnichiwa! どのようにこのすべての漢字を覚えるはずですか?

    29 May 12:26am Reply
  • niko-san

    Welcome aboard, AwesomeMatthew! Happy listening.

    26 May 9:50pm Reply

    Welcome aboard, AwesomeMatthew! Happy listening.

    21 Mar 11:35pm Reply

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Hi, my name is Matthew. I'm a non-ugly American who likes all sorts of music. While my primary interests surface on classic rock, indie rock, altrock, türkçe music and Zappa, I while almost listen to anything. I'll listen to classical, foreign, funk, psychedelia, neo-psychedelia, funkadelia, rap, motown, goth, grunge, R&B, metal, new wave, techno, whatever. Sometimes, when it's 2 A.M. and I'm still up, I'll put in my headphones and listen to Bollywood music on my iPod and pretend I'm on a train. Lol. Me so silly.

But seriously, I believe that listening to and appreciating the music of the world is one of the most vital steps to global tolerance.

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