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West Hawaii Vacation Rentals


A Sane Vacation Rental  for Individuals And  Families

At the Optimal Elevation &  Location in North West Kona

Clean, Organized And Very Reasonable Prices


Exceptional, high quality, yet affordable lodging is a very important part of what Kona Comfort Rentals is all

about. In the same vein, we also are equally proud of the same effort and standards when it comes to our

high quality, affordable, exceptional and absolutely completely organic Kona Coffee that we produce for our

valued customers.

If you haven't had the opportunity to try our pure, home grown, organically

processed Kona Coffee, we welcome you to do so at this time.

Please visit our coffee site by  << pressing >>  anywhere in this block of text.

And as a special "Thank You" for taking the time to read this:

please enter coupon code "Kona Comfort"...

and you'll get 10% off your merchandise order!

Our Rentals Make you feel "right at home" so you actually look forward to

coming back from exploring and you get to enjoy yourself about as much

while relaxing at the property as when you are out touring the scenic sites.

You'll feel equally rewarded when you try our outstanding Kona Comfort Kona Coffee!

We love the fact we can do TWO very Hawaiian things here on the Big Island, provide Clean,

Authentic Local Style Lodging and also Real Hawaiian 100% Kona Coffee!


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