These plugins are for users of Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express only. They will not work in Adobe After Effects. Some are freeware, others can be purchased via Paypal.

Download demo plugins to see if they work in your version of Final Cut.

FCP Super Bundle

You get ’em all. This bundle includes all River Rock Studios plugins for complete creative control. Updated to include Russian Kamera

FCP Bundle

Check out this affordable bundle of cool plugins.


Make your video footage look cinematic. CinemagicX minimizes the visual cues that make video look like video while adding characteristics commonly seen in a film production. Features fully adjustable bleach bypass, motion correction, micro blur, and more.

Similar plugins sell for more than $1000, are only available for After Effects, and require a dongle, but for $29.95 CinemagicX is a plugin you can afford.

Russian Kamera 

If only a Russian Lomo could shoot video. This plugin gives your footage that artisitic look previously only available from a Russian compact still camera.

Cheap Lens

Create chromatic and spherical aberration like a cheap lens. Can also correct for chromatic aberration in images shot with a bad lens.

Jitterbug — Freeware

Want your titles to flicker and jump just a little bit? Jitterbug will simulate the slight motion titles often have because sprocket holes on film aren't perfect.

Chromatic Glow — Freeware

Pick a color and make it glow. Pick a color and make it glow with a different color. Choose white to make your highlights glow like an overexposed negative. Select black and make the shadows spread. Fully adjustable.

Day for Night — Freeware

Shoot your night scenes in broad daylight! Use this filter to make it look like you shot at night. Includes Infra-red and night vision simulation.