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Total Medicaid Spending

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Timeframe: FY 2011

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Locations: United States, States

Total Medicaid Spending

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Location Total Medicaid Spending, FY2011
United States $413,855,637,091
Alabama $4,754,502,155
Alaska $1,304,988,102
Arizona $8,989,836,258
Arkansas $4,006,189,187
California $54,906,617,863
Colorado $4,381,469,329
Connecticut $6,115,871,348
Delaware $1,406,371,361
District of Columbia $2,140,659,040
Florida $18,286,483,915
Georgia $8,110,756,566
Hawaii $1,619,624,237
Idaho $1,534,805,388
Illinois $12,996,894,073
Indiana $6,606,338,982
Iowa $3,384,196,117
Kansas $2,692,883,785
Kentucky $5,720,243,597
Louisiana $6,663,612,323
Maine $2,377,497,777
Maryland $7,467,992,128
Massachusetts $13,233,475,052
Michigan $12,145,731,696
Minnesota $8,423,380,591
Mississippi $4,457,131,271
Missouri $8,091,097,754
Montana $960,976,008
Nebraska $1,679,626,256
Nevada $1,574,976,665
New Hampshire $1,365,145,781
New Jersey $10,579,344,565
New Mexico $3,395,240,714
New York $53,882,237,738
North Carolina $10,546,984,914
North Dakota $708,383,241
Ohio $15,709,320,002
Oklahoma $4,269,462,234
Oregon $4,432,660,837
Pennsylvania $20,532,721,737
Rhode Island $2,111,549,255
South Carolina $5,128,430,661
South Dakota $759,165,233
Tennessee $8,026,152,278
Texas $28,565,381,384
Utah $1,765,665,893
Vermont $1,333,479,870
Virginia $7,009,277,400
Washington $7,446,985,322
West Virginia $2,758,168,958
Wisconsin $6,961,272,665
Wyoming $534,377,585

Expenditures do not include administrative costs, accounting adjustments, or the U.S. Territories. Total Medicaid spending including these additional items was $427.4 billion in FFY 2011. Figures may not sum to totals due to rounding. 


Urban Institute estimates based on data from CMS (Form 64) (as of 8/24/12).


Federal Fiscal Year: Unless otherwise noted, years preceded by "FY" on refer to the Federal Fiscal Year, which runs from October 1 through September 30. For example, FY 2009 refers to the period from October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009.

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