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History of Smartwatches
Smartwatches, or smart watches depending on who you ask, are a form of wristwatch that offers functionality beyond timekeeping. Early smart watch functionality beyond timekeeping has changed dramatically since the first smart watch was created in the 1940s. Back then, additional functionality included digital displays, calculators and basic games. Smart watches that have come out over the past few years are more wearable computers than anything else.
As technology advances and we are able to make smaller, cheaper and faster computer parts, motherboards and processing chips, we will see smart watches emerge into extensions, or remote controls, of our smartphones. In addition, this will allow for sleeker and more fashion-centered designs to be created.

1940s – 1970s

    Pulsar Electronic Watch

  • 1941 – Mimo Loga is introduced as the first smart watch. It was considered smart because it offered enhanced functionality above telling time in the form of making calculations using the hour and minute hands.
  • 1972 – Hamilton Pulsar releases the first electronic digital watch (Pictured right)
  • 1975 – Hamilton Pulsar releases the first electronic calculator watch
  • 1977 – Seiko releases the C153 and begin to dominate the calculator/watch market
  • 1979 – Intel’s Microma model released with liquid crystal display which was what made it a smartwatch, although that’s questionable.


    Seiko D409

  • 1982 – Seiko releases their D409 and the TV Watch (Pictured right)
  • 1984 – Seiko releases the UC-2000 and the Data-2000 which were the exact same watch, just marketed different and sold at different prices
  • 1985 – Epson RC-20 releases the first standalone computer watch


  • 1990 – Seiko Receptor released
  • 1994 – Timex releases the Data Link 150 which was the first to transfer between watch and computer
  • 1999 – Seiko Ruputer comes out and is really the first smart watch that our generation would consider “smart”


    Fossil Wrist PDA 2.0

  • 2001 – IBM launches the first smartwatches to run on Linux
  • 2002 – Fossil releases their Wrist PDA
  • 2003 – Timex Data Link USB was the first USB smart watch released
  • 2004 – Microsoft SPOT Watches released
  • 2005 – Fossil releases their Wrist PDA 2.0 (Pictured right)
  • 2008 – LG releases the GD910
  • 2009 – Samsung releases the S9110


    Sony smartwatch

  • 2010 – Sony Ericsson launches their LiveView smartwatch
  • 2010 – iPod Nano is released as a media player first and a smart watch second
  • 2010 – BlackBerry OS powered inPulse is launched by Allerta
  • 2011 – Wimm One is released as the first Android-powered watch
  • 2011 – Motorola launches the MOTOACTV powered by Android
  • 2012 – Sony replaces the LiveView with the SmartWatch (Pictured right)
  • 2013 – Sony SmartWatch 2, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Nissan Nismo, Pebble E-Paper
  • 2014 – iWatch is rumored to be released by Apple