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American Gods wins a Hugo!

For his critically-praised, internation bestselling novel American Gods, Neil Gaiman takes home the Hugo Award!
For the first time, the same novel that won the prized Bram Stoker Award for Best Horror Novel has also won the Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel, the most prestigious award in the field.

Acclaimed author Neil Gaiman's AMERICAN GODS immediately landed on all major bestseller lists in both the US and in the UK when it was first released in June, 2001.

Critics were unanimous in their praise: "Powerful and gripping"
--USA Today

"Nimble and intelligent"
--Entertainment Weekly

"Keeps the reader turning pages"
--Washington Post

"This is a fantastic novel"
--The Independent (London)

This year the award nominations began to roll in. And then, the awards themselves.
  • The Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel: AMERICAN GODS
  • The prized Bram Stoker Award for Best Horror Novel: AMERICAN GODS
And now, the Hugo Award as well.

AMERICAN GODS is nominated for the World Fantasy Award for Best Fantasy Novel, the winner of which will be announced at the end of October. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

AMERICAN GODS is available from HarperCollinsPublishers in mass market paperback (a New York Times and USA Today bestseller in that format, as well), as an e-book, and as an audio release.

His best-selling new book for readers of all ages, CORALINE, appeared earlier this summer from HarperCollins, again garnering tremendous praise on both sides of the Atlantic. USA Today said:

"Not since four English schoolchildren walked through a wardrobe and discovered the magical land of Narnia has the simple act of opening a door unlocked such a fantastic journey… Walk through the door and you'll believe in love, magic, and the power of good over evil."

The CD and cassette of the unabridged CORALINE, read by the author himself, is available from HarperAudio.

On September 17, 2002, Neil Gaiman's TWO PLAYS FOR VOICES will be released on HarperAudio. These one-act plays, Snow Glass Apples (starring Bebe Neuwirth) and Murder Mysteries (starring Brian Dennehy) were originally produced by the Sci-Fi Channel.

Neil Gaiman is also the author of the novels NEVERWHERE and STARDUST, the Sandman series of graphic novels (more than 10 million copies in print), and SMOKE AND MIRRORS, a collection of short fiction. He is the co-author of the novel GOOD OMENS with Terry Pratchett. Visit his website at