Overall Ranking

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World RankUniversityTotal Score Ref.
1Harvard University96.361
2Johns Hopkins University51.124
3Stanford University49.492
4University of Washington- Seattle48.576
5University of California- Los Angeles47.098
6University of Michigan- Ann Arbor45.9313
7University of Toronto45.4310
8University of California- Berkeley45.163
9University of Oxford43.7316
10Massachusetts Institute of Technology42.865
11University of Pennsylvania42.1111
12University of California- San Francisco41.367
13Columbia University40.9714
14University of California- San Diego40.629
15University of Cambridge39.5323
16University of London- University College London39.1624
17The University of Tokyo38.8618
18Duke University37.9819
19Yale University37.3320
20Imperial College London36.4122
21Cornell University35.5712
22University of Wisconsin- Madison34.7315
23University of Minnesota- Twin Cities34.6326
24University of Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh33.5827
25University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill32.2330
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