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Ayvali Village – TURKEY - The Gamirasu Hotel

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Is there anything more to add after that you see this amazing pictures??

I can only help you find out where is this beautiful peace of art, beauty and mystic heaven on Earth! 

Its called Giramisu Hotel and it located in Ayvali Village in Turkey. You will probably think that its looks like a house of famous family Flintstones but actually  this amazing houses  are real and originaly made as Byzantine monestry retreat and this amazing area has been known to be inhabited for more than 5,000 years. So how would you feel to sleep in rooms with so much history and in rooms which once were monk cells??

I have to ass also that each of these amazing rooms and suites are built using local volcanic stone.

I would strongly recommend this beautiful peaceful place to all the romantic couples for honeymoons or just for a romantic escape in little heaven..

 Last updated on July 6, 2011

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christine almaraz profile image

christine almaraz 2 years ago from colorado springs

That looks so cool.

Roserbud profile image

Roserbud 2 years ago Hub Author

I agree!

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