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Kasey AndersonHometown Boys yesterday afternoon
LuceroDrink 'Till We're Gone yesterday afternoon
Ryan AdamsLa Cienega Just Smiled yesterday afternoon
Jay FarrarAll of Your Might yesterday afternoon
American AquariumNorthern Lights yesterday afternoon
The Bottle RocketsShame On Me yesterday afternoon
Drive-By TruckersZip City yesterday afternoon
Golden SmogFrying Pan Eyes yesterday afternoon
Uncle TupeloMoonshiner yesterday afternoon
Lucinda WilliamsThis Old Guitar yesterday afternoon
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  • ramos59er

    hi greetings from the uk great list

    3 Sep 3:43pm Reply
  • angusjack

    Take as many as you like, because i'm going to do the same to yours. it might take me a couple of days, though !

    23 Aug 6:51pm Reply
  • jkoller23

    hi noiresque, how are you doing today? thank you much for the accept. i would love to look through your entire music library someday, but i think it would take a whole week! hope all is well with you, have a wonderful weekend. thanks again. J

    23 Aug 1:08pm Reply
  • giggleloop1

    You're welcome :0) Pleasantries from UK :0)

    20 Aug 6:37pm Reply
  • jkoller23

    Hi noiresque, greetings from the U.S. (Michigan). Incredible music library you have going there! Give me a shout sometime. Have a great weekend! J

    16 Aug 1:06pm Reply
  • Irlandese64

    Great library! Greets from Oregon, USA--Jessy :)

    22 Jul 6:53pm Reply
  • angusjack

    i can tell by your eclectic library, you are a music lover & would like to be one of your last fm friends

    2 Jul 1:41am Reply
  • Alicksryte

    Saw your shout for The Smiths 'Barbarism Begins At Home' and it made me smile,so I thought I'd say hi.

    26 Jun 8:49am Reply
  • canterbury_fair

    cheers, and yours isn't less eclectic than mine either!

    3 May 8:06pm Reply
  • maryjanegirls

    nice list..may borrow a few ....i promise to return them

    1 May 8:07pm Reply
  • Turnersmemo

    Cheers for the shout. The Panda likes your library.

    15 Apr 11:49am Reply
  • freddtedd

    Are there any pictures available from the Gimme All Your Lovin' writhing session,thanks.

    10 Apr 8:53pm Reply
  • Skygazer1

    The idea of seeing favorite bands in faraway cities is seductive. {Oh and Film Noir! Alright!}

    7 Apr 5:42pm Reply
  • MinMusikJustNu

    Hi, The Boss is playing three (!!) gigs in one week here in Stockholm. But since I have seen him more than ten times I've choose to skip the second gig and go to see Rosanna Cash instead:

    6 Apr 7:37am Reply
  • lifesabummer

    Hi, what if the Boss drops by Bluefest at Byron, now that would be amazing :)

    1 Apr 10:22am Reply
  • Jim889

    Thanks for the friendship :) Join if you like my group on lastfm : Enjoy members radio

    31 Mar 12:05pm Reply
  • lifesabummer

    Hi there. Did you see The Boss? Great show, hey!

    27 Mar 11:43am Reply

    Well hello! I hope you do too and may there be lots of sharing ;)

    25 Mar 1:30pm Reply
  • LittleKim2009

    Thank you :)

    25 Mar 9:52am Reply
  • Allwhites

    Hi! greetings from Georgia!

    25 Mar 8:55am Reply
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