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  • leolegend

    Greetings, Capt. Picard admirer! On Iron Maiden's "Still Life" page you once wrote: "Man, that intro always gets a smile on my face for some reason haha." I just wanted to say, that you're not the only one who feels that way about that song, sir :)

    10 Sep 7:38pm Reply
  • daanish11

    Same here, vacations chilling. Honestly, i did not find the show very attractive. They say they tried to make it accurate as possible but the acting is not very good in my opinion. The opening theme song, however, is freaking awesome! If i had a heart by Fever Ray, beautiful song :D

    10 Jul 8:38am Reply
  • daanish11

    Hi! How are you? Hope everything is good at your end? Have you seen the show "Vikings"? It airs on the history channel.

    5 Jul 9:46am Reply
  • lakizajcev

    oh look, it's the rain wizard

    23 Jun 3:47pm Reply
  • davidbowiegirl


    15 Jun 6:54pm Reply
  • davidbowiegirl

    Watching your avatar for the first time... didn't see that coming :D

    15 Jun 3:18pm Reply
  • daanish11

    Yeah sucks big time. You never know, this site just recently opened after like 8 months. youtube is blocked since last year lol. Nice weather finally changed eh :D You have no idea how hot summers are here :P take care.

    24 Apr 9:28am Reply
  • daanish11

    Sorry for the late reply, there are alot of issues with few sites recently due to some reasons and they are blocked. Sometimes last.fm gets blocked, which is totally wrong, so point is sometimes i go away for a long time and not return because i cant freaking access the site. -.-

    18 Apr 5:28am Reply
  • daanish11

    oh i see i see, more like computer studies if im not wrong? thats nice. i study accounting and finance :P hows the weather in Serbia? all i know is that it gets veryyyy cold in the winters :O

    8 Apr 6:20pm Reply
  • daanish11

    Well, weekends over already. Uni tomorrow, dayyummm. What do you study?

    7 Apr 5:24pm Reply
  • daanish11

    I LOVE Star Wars. all of the parts are awesome. Yeah Darth Vader kicks ass! One of the best villains everrrrr. I have not played any of the games though lol. The Scythe is my favourite album by Elvenking, really enjoy listening to it. Its a good band. Have a nice weekend!

    6 Apr 5:07pm Reply
  • daanish11

    Hahaha :P aaand whats your opinion about star wars? I love folk metal, yes i agree scandanavian countries have the best bands. Do you know about Elvenking?

    6 Apr 1:07pm Reply
  • daanish11

    Ohoho nice nice. Lol yeah and what if you will see Gollum everytime you look into the mirror? just kidding haha :P Im guessing that you listen to folk metal aswell? Thanks man, can i add you? :)

    5 Apr 8:12pm Reply
  • daanish11

    Yeah it was good, aah the next one will be out this summers why isnt time moving more quicklyyy. Haha thats why i went to a nicer cinema to watch this one lol :P Nice to meet you by the way!

    5 Apr 6:49pm Reply
  • daanish11

    Yeah I feel you. Although i dont read books AT ALL but studies do get in the way of the movies lol. Have you seen The Hobbit? Im not much of a fan of Game of Thrones but i am addicted to it haha, have started it so have to finish it :P

    5 Apr 5:19pm Reply
  • daanish11

    Are you a fan of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones?

    5 Apr 10:44am Reply
  • daanish11

    LOL nice avatar man, hilarious :D

    3 Apr 7:44pm Reply
  • k6morris

    thank you very much my friend

    22 Feb 9:06pm Reply
  • lakizajcev

    pa naravno ,sta si ti mislio :)

    28 Jan 7:24pm Reply
  • lakizajcev

    uuuuuuuuhuhuhuhuh da znas da jeste :O

    25 Dec 2012 Reply
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