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Vulcan names have been a subject of much curiosity and debate amongst the members of the Federation. While staunch allies, the Vulcans closely guard many aspects of their culture and history from other worlds. The numerous male names that begin with a "S" and the frequent female names that begin with "T'P" has brought up many theories. However, the apparently simple Vulcan names have a rather complex tradition dating back before the Reformation. For the name doesn't just identify an individual, but informs any other Vulcan of that person's status in their family and the conditions of their birth.

Male Names

The first letter in a male Vulcan's name the status in his family. "S"-names identify a male child as the first-born. In most cases, the first-born male child will be responsible for most of the family estate with the death of his parents. Most first-born males tend have great status, responsibilties, and advantages. Any other male children will get some kind of inheritance in decreasing percentages. Second-born males are identified with a name starting with a "T", third-born with a "V", and so forth.

Many males have a hard "k" sound at the end of their name. Ancient times, this sound was to make the name masculine. However, since the reformation, the "k"-sound has come to mean that the boy was conceived during Pon Farr. The Vulcans traditionally tend to hold children born as a result of Pon Farr with high regard as most children are indeed a result from this. The "k"-sound is often at the end, but not always, such as the name "Solkar".

Female Names

Similarly, the names of females show the order of their birth and whether they were conceived during Pon Farr. However, it is the second letter such the "P"-sound the signifies the first-born. The frequently used "T'"-sound signifies whether she was conceived during Pon Farr. Such names are T'Pau, T'Pol, etc. Those conceived outside of Pon Farr are have a non-"T'" name such as Asil.

Again, first-born women are born with a great degree of status, responsibility, prestige, and often with a much larger dowry than any younger sisters. Second-born females are signified by an "M"-name, Third-born with a "V"-name, fourth-born with an "A"-name, etc.

Family Circumstances

If a spouse should die, and the survivor remarry, then rules would apply to their children as well with addition of another constonant added after the signifying letter. For example, names like Skon, Spock, Stonn, etc. for males. For females, names like T'Pring, T'Planna, etc. are used.

In the case of adoption, the adopted name of the child is often changed to represent the parent of the opposite gender. When Sarek brought into his family a half-Vulcan/half-Romulan girl, her name was changed into the masculine sounding Saavik. A male child would take a name that is somewhat feminine sounding to the Vulcans, such as T'Klass.

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