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Spotting Redbubble’s Future Masters

Ponder for a moment how many Monet prints grace the walls of lounge rooms across the globe. Or Van Goghs, Warhols, Lichtensteins ... the list goes on. But never before have people with blank walls had it so good. Thanks to the internet, it's ridiculously easy to discover incredible art from comparatively unknown painters. If you crave a little originality, there's an ocean of choice just waiting to be discovered at the end of your wifi signal.

We'd hazard a guess that the artists featured below could easily be masters of the future. Their work is certainly worthy of a place on any wall, or above any mantlepiece. Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to talented painters on RB. If you'd like to give a shout out to your favorite RB painters, please leave us a comment below. And click on any of the works below to be transported to the originals.

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  • F.A. Moore

    What a rich collection from some of RB’s finest traditional painters, with some digital paintings and composites in the mix, as well. We are surrounded by masters— these and more. Thanks for the beautiful selection.

    • edy4sure

      I’m so happy that I’m short of words Frannie, mind boggled and blown by it…

      • F.A. Moore

        I’m happy for you, Eddy. Now this should get you pumped! Can’t wait to see the next canvas.

    • Beatrice Cloake

      Agree with all this Frannie.

  • Ra12

    A really diverse, interesting and inspiring selection of work. Thanks to all the artists for creating them and to RB for shining a light on these gems.

  • Evita

    Beautiful collection… all amazing works !!! ☺♥

  • ejameson

    After looking at the collections I think may take up knitting – only joking I love it to much so I will persevere.

    • Beatrice Cloake

      Good idea :0 x

  • Kasia-D

    I’m shouting! Great masters potential among them.

  • Kasia-D

    Question to RB IT: Where do the comments disappear to – I just added one and it is not included here and not shown on my RB view of spotlights. In fact the overview shows only 1 comment yet I can see 4 below which are also mentioned in I can see above on the page.

  • owlspook

    and it is so wondrous that we live in an age that we have the time and means to pursue the arts … am thinking in past ages this was not as possible as it is now a days … we are blessed here on RB with talented artists .. yes the new masters amongst us (big smile) …

    • Beatrice Cloake

      Agree with this!

  • Pilgrim

    Simply the most stunning of work.

  • tori yule

    Beautiful artwork featured here!

    • Chris Armytage™

      Hi Tori, thanks so much for your message – so sweet of you to let me know :) x

  • Martin Lomé

    It’s great to see tradition paintings featured in this way by RB! Congratulations to all the artists. Some truly amazing works!

  • Susan Werby

    Impressive gallery of art… Like the Old Masters but new and fresh…

  • edy4sure

    Wow! I am absolutely gobsmacked! Two of my work is featured here as a future master (a perfect dream). Thank you RB, you have brought me back from a brink that you will never know :)

    And a massive congratulations to all the other artists who got featured here and wow again!

    • Chris Armytage™

      Outstanding work, congrats!

    • Lynda Robinson

      It’s wonderful to view your work here Eddy. You truly are a Future Master.

    • Beatrice Cloake

      A recognition of a wonderful talent!

  • RicIanH

    Wonderful and varied collection of superb pictures.


    Rock ON !

  • Chris Armytage™

    I am honoured indeed to see my work, not just included, but heading this awesome feature! Thank you so much RB, and congratulations to all featured artists on these outstanding images!

    • F.A. Moore

      Congratulations, Chris. This is a beaut. of a digital composite— so painterly!

    • Beatrice Cloake

      Congratulations Chris. So well deserved!

  • Trudi’s Images

    So much talent here on RB ,love some of the colours on this page ! congrats to all the featured artsists

  • RobynLee

    Wow! I’m always impressed by the talent I see on here. It’s V Inspiring & makes me to want to be a better artist as well. Keep up the Great (Art)work!

    • Beatrice Cloake

      So right Robin!

  • Doria Fochi

    Such diversity..such talent

  • Lynda Robinson

    What a superb collection of great art! Bravo and congratulations to all the artists featured here. As Frannie said, you have selected some of RBs finest traditional painters. Lovely viewing.

    • F.A. Moore

      If I were to add 1 person, it would be you, Lynda. Your pastels capture the countryside of Australia— its beautiful light and terrain.

      • Beatrice Cloake

        I agree entirely with this Frannie. I am going to make my own list :)

  • Pauline Winwood

    Love the title of this blog – not sure that I actually fit the bill, but I was certainly pretty chuffed to be included. Thank you so much Beth.

    • Lynda Robinson

      Of course you fit the bill Pauline. Your work is wonderful.

    • F.A. Moore

      Congratulations, Pauline. Of course you should be included. And I love Beth’s selection, too.

    • Beatrice Cloake

      Well deserved Pauline!!!!!

  • Qnita

    Sure stunning pictures here! I can’t decide what would be my “fave…” Think I will go for this one.,.. !,135×135,075,f.jpg!:

  • kalaryder

    Some excellent work here, well done to all

  • John Cocoris

    This is a fantastic colection of artwork that you have selected Beth!!
    Congratulations to all the featured artist and thank you Beth for including my painting.

    • F.A. Moore

      Congratulations, John. You deserve a seat that that table :)

    • Beatrice Cloake

      Huge congratulations John! So very well deserved!

  • Cameron Hampton

    Thank you so much for including my work with such wonderful works!

    • F.A. Moore

      Congratulations, Cameron. Very deserved too. I’ve always felt you were an unsung star of RB. You are very creative with your subjects and mark making. Beth made a great selection.

  • artbyakiko

    Thanks for including two of my paintings here!!! I’m so honored.

  • © Janis Zroback

    Absolutely lovely collection of works…

  • Lee Wilde

    Thank you very much, I’m humbled to be included in such good company.

  • Wil Zender

    Congratulations to all the artists for their amazing and impressive work, you are truly masters!

  • Robin King

    Splendid, all!

  • Aleksandar Topalovic

    phenomenal selection

  • Door Mouse

    a beautiful and inspirational collection of amazing works.

  • Forfarlass

    The talent out there is mind blowing. . Fantastic collection of work. Congratulations to all that have had their work shown. xx

  • joe trodden

    I was flabbergasted to see my “Cader Idris” painting here Beth, thank you very much indeed, and congrats to all the great artists on this list !

    • Beatrice Cloake

      Oh so very well deserved Joe!!! Congratulations.

  • Beatrice Cloake

    Congratulations to you all. I now most artists on display. Their works are truly magnificent.

    I would have loved seeing so many more masters in their own right. May be RB could make another similar page in the future with more artists.

  • Clare Colins

    A fabulous collection. Congratulations to all the artists x

  • sailgirl

    This is a really interesting mix. Such gorgeous work! Congrats to each one featured.

  • EarthGipsy

    Amazing talent. Wonderful collection.

  • Georgie Hart

    A stellar collection!

  • Cathleen Tarawhiti

    What a great collection.

  • Diko

    Thank you so very much for the featured artwork in your latest collection post, Future Masters of RedBubble. I am humbled and thankful that my work has been chosen to represent Future Masters of RedBubble. I hope I have not offended by lack of noticing this event or commenting.

    I was a active and regular member of RedBubble including being a Host up to May 2011. I must admit I have not been a regular participant since then. In May 2011 we lost our son and there has been little motivation. I have tried one time earlier to get back on board but without providing any feedback to any of my supporters ( I do feel bad about this).

    I am again painting but nowhere with the enthusiasm that I once had. I know I will one day create new artworks and start to converse with my fellow artists and RedBubble friends.

    Once again thank you for choosing one of my works to be highlighted in your Future Masters of RedBubble. I am honored to share a place with those other artists featured.

    Congratulations to all the featured artists. Your works are inspiring and our world is richer for this.

    Much thanks and kindest regards,

  • JoeHush

    Gosh, thank you so much, can’t believe my painting has been chosen amongst all this fantastic talent. I am so flattered, thank you. Congratulations to all!! Regards Joe

  • Poverty

    A most wonderful collection of works of which, undoubtedly some will be the ones to be found hanging in the most prestigious of galleries in the years to come. My sincere thanks for having ” harvested ” this rich crop.

  • LeaBarozzi

    so gorgeous!

  • jroch

    These are ALL awesome my peops!

  • Richard George

    one word…outstanding!!

  • CheyAnne Sexton


  • Maraia

    an awesome compilation of works, truly masterful!

  • Art1sm

    I am late on this, but it is truly an honor to have one of my pieces featured on this blog– thank you very much Beth and RB team. :)