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        John Algeo is Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Georgia (chartered in 1785) and has continued to be active in the academic community, especially through research and publishing. He was Visiting Professor at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, in 1985; Fulbright Research Fellow and Guggenheim Fellow at the University of London in 1986-87; and seminar leader for Senior Educators in Jerusalem in 1992.

        Among his professional activities, Algeo is a former President and current member of the American Dialect Society, the American Name Society, and the Dictionary Society of North America, and former Director of the Commission on the English Language of the National Council of Teachers of English. He is also a member of the Fulbright Alumni Association, International Association of University Professors of English, International Phonetic Association, Linguistic Society of America, Modern Language Association of America, and Philological Society (London).

        Algeo edited American Speech, the journal of the American Dialect Society, for ten years and with his wife, Adele, for another ten years wrote its feature “Among the New Words” on additions to the English vocabulary. They also compiled Fifty Years “Among the New Words”: A Dictionary of Neologisms, 1941-1991 (Cambridge University Press, 1991, paperback edition 1993). Among a good many other such activities, he was Associate Editor of and contributor to The Oxford Companion to the English Language (Oxford University Press, 1992). He contributed to volume 4 of The Cambridge History of the English Language: 1776–1997 (Cambridge University Press, 1998) and edited and contributed to volume 6 of the same work, dealing with English in North America (Cambridge University Press, 2001), which also had a Chinese edition (Peking University Press, 2002). Recent academic publications include British or American English? A Handbook of Word and Grammar Patterns (Cambridge University Press, 2006) and The Origins and Development of the English Language, 6th ed. (Thompson-Wadsworth-Heinle, 2008). The third edition of the last work had a Japanese translation, Eigo no kigen to hattatsu, in 1991.

        Algeo has served as a consultant, advisor, or referee for
    • academic journals: American Speech (Journal of the American Dialect Society), Barnhart Dictionary Companion, Classical Outlook (Journal of the American Classical League), General Linguistics, Journal of English Linguistics, Language Problems and Language Planning, Names (Journal of the American Name Society), PMLA (Publication of the Modern Language Association of America), Visible Language, and World Englishes;
    • commercial publishers: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Longman, Macmillan, Random House, Scott Foresman, Silver Burdett, Simon and Schuster, and St. Martin's;
    • dictionaries: Barnhart Dictionary of New English, COBUILD Project in Lexical Computing of the University of Birmingham, England, Dictionary of American Regional English, Kenkyusha Ltd. of Tokyo for Japanese-English dictionaries, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Random House Dictionary, and Webster's New World Dictionary;
    • governmental bodies: Canada Council, Florida Board of Regents of the State University System, International Corpus of English at University College London, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Humanities Center, National Science Foundation, and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools;
    • university presses: Alabama, California, Cambridge, Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Miami, Michigan, Oxford, South Carolina, Stanford, Texas, Toronto, and Utah.