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Said by happy, excited mouse to another mouse.   
“I want to have lots of children.”  --  Issue Publication Date: 12/13/1993
Cigar-smoking waiter to annoyed customer.   
“If you wanted the no-smoking section, you should have said so.”  --  Issue Publication Date: 05/24/1993
A rather unhappy-looking man sits on a sofa with his hands folded.   
“While he was in Paris, Warren knew Picasso, Miró, Hemingway, Stravinsky, Cocteau, and Fitzgerald.  Nothing ever came of it.”  --  Issue Publication Date: 03/29/1993
Man sitting on a sofa looking around at his nicely decorated home.   
Interior with White-Liberal Myth  --  Issue Publication Date: 05/10/1993
Human-sized cockroach watching TV, and placing call on phone.   
Gregor Samsa III, who doesn’t go out much, calls in a large order to the shopping channel.  --  Issue Publication Date: 08/23/1993
Mickey mouse talking to a regular mouse.   
“I’m going to give it all up and follow St. Francis.”  --  Issue Publication Date: 09/13/1993
Harpy says to Minotaur.   
“You just don’t get it, do you?”  --  Issue Publication Date: 02/14/1994
One fly to another.   
“All day, every day—‘There’s a goddam fly in here!’  It’s so hurtful.”  --  Issue Publication Date: 04/11/1994
Romulo and Remus under the mother-wolf.   
“Food, drink, shelter—what else is there?”  --  Issue Publication Date: 11/21/1994
One dog, dressed in clothes and sitting in a chair to another dog sitting at his feet.   
“I’ve grown, and you haven’t.”  --  Issue Publication Date: 11/28/1994
Two Russians, walking down the street, talking.   
“They should open the files—Lenin never said all those crazy things attributed to him.”  --  Issue Publication Date: 03/09/1992
Saleswoman discussing a model's outfit to an interested customer.   
“Acrylic, hemp, fire wax on mirrored aluminum and stainless steel.”  --  Issue Publication Date: 03/30/1992
Worried looking wife cat talking to her cat husband who is sitting in armchair reading newspaper.   
“You never chase me through back yards anymore.”  --  Issue Publication Date: 05/18/1992
Small figure of Mozart shown as an adult.   
Mozart at three was, even then, mostly Mozart.  --  Issue Publication Date: 07/13/1992
The planet earth to the moon.   
“I’m beginning to think I need a three-million-year sabbatical from humankind to recover my health.”  --  Issue Publication Date: 09/21/1992
The Minotaur’s thoughts as he looks out from his labyrinth.   
“My wish is simple—to give something back to the community.”  --  Issue Publication Date: 10/26/1992
Santas on various levels shooting at each other with guns.   
The Great Santa Shoot-Out at the Mall  --  Issue Publication Date: 12/07/1992
Issue Publication Date: 06/16/1997
Lion to elephant.   
“Never mind why.  Just watch her until I get back.”  --  Issue Publication Date: 01/15/1990
Two men standing on a roof of a building, that has become an outdoor dining area, talking about the cityscape before them.   
“Hard to believe this was all rain forest just fifteen years ago.”  --  Issue Publication Date: 02/19/1990
Figure on Roman frieze raises sword and shouts order.   
“Frieze!”  --  Issue Publication Date: 03/12/1990
Clergyman to wife.   
“The bride was radiant, the groom was radiant.  I was radiant!”  --  Issue Publication Date: 08/27/1990
Krazy Kat to Ignaz Mouse.   
“People read too much into everything.”  --  Issue Publication Date: 09/17/1990
One bird to another.   
“I was born an urban bird and I’ll die an urban bird.”  --  Issue Publication Date: 10/29/1990
David looking worried at sight of Goliath.   
David Trying to Remember How Goliath Ever Got on His Calendar  --  Issue Publication Date: 11/12/1990
1 - 25 of 91 Items
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