American Dad Gets Another 22 Episodes

Veronika Fevers
It has been confirmed by the Associated Press that Fox has purchased a 4th season of the Seth Mac Farlane animated series American Dad. The additional 22 episodes will keep the show running into 2009. The series already boasts 62 episodes, and is broadcast on over 20 stations. These stations include FOX, MTV ( in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), BBC Two and Three, and American Dad will also begin airing on TBS fall of 2008.

American Dad is based on the Smith family, and takes place in a fictional suburb in Virginia. A somewhat similar to Family Guy series featuring the age old formula of parents and kids. Difference being, unlike the Simpsons, and MacFarlane's brain child Family Guy, American Dad only has two children. Two children, a German speaking goldfish, and a drunken effeminate alien. However, the intro sequence in which Stan grabs his newspaper is a direct similarity to the Simpson's chalkboard bit, as the headline changes from episode to episode. Headlines include spoofs such as " Childhood obesity up: Pedophilia Down".

While not as highly rated as Family Guy, American Dad follows the Smith family through the obstacles of Stan- a right wing CIA agent and his trying to ensure the country's safety while coping with his pseudo traditional albeit wacky family. The show boasts animated cameos of President Bush, and from time to time looks at popular news issues in a humorous manner. For instance, Stan and family had to more into the Middle East as an assignment that Stan was forced to take. In this episode, the Smith family learns how women are viewed, as well as the cultural differences between the United States and the Middle East.

American Dad will be working into it's fourth season, while season three will begin airing this fall. The show originally debuted after Super Bowl 2005 to great response and continues to hold strong. Currently, American Dad airs as part of Fox's Sunday night line up which includes Family Guy, the Simpson's, and War at Home. American Dad receives about 7.5 million viewers and remains one of the top contenders of it's time slot- it's target group is males aged 18-34.

The series was created by Seth MacFarlane ( who also does most of the voice credits), Mike Barker, and Matt Weitzman. It is produced by Fuzzy Door Productions for 20th Century Fox.

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