The operational concept underlining the Security Fence project is to provide a response to the threats posed to the State of Israel and protect its population from the threat of terror and criminal activity.
The threat

Israel is faced with several threats which required a multi layered response:

  • Continued terrorist attacks including shootings, explosive charges, booby rigged vehicles and suicide bombers.

  • Smuggling of weapons, explosive and explosive charges into Israel.

  • Initiation of violent acts and terrorist activity through the assimilation into the local arab population.
Principles of the Operational Concept


  • Prevention of terror and weapons emanating from Judea and Samaria into Israel.

  • Prevention and thwarting of uncontrolled passage of pedestrians, cars and cargo from Judea and Samaria into Israel.

  • Minimizing transfer of weapons from Israel to the areas controlled
    by the Palestinian Authority.

  • Prevention of effective shooting against Israeli population and vital infrastructure installations.

  • Law enforcement.
The response

The IDF is responsible for the operational activation of the Security Fence both on its eastern and western side.

Command and control centers along the Security Fence receive on line data from the various observation systems and devices.
They provide the soldiers in the center with up to date situational map of each and every sector.Once a change in the pattern is detected or an alert is signalled, they can direct the patrol to inspect the suspicious cause for alert and deal with it.

"Torch" , the command and contrel system operational in the command centrs, was developed by Elbit Systems. Its implementation in the Ground Forces Command is part of the Digital Ground Forces project.



Terrorist dressed up as a woman caught by
the IDF on his way to prerform a terror attack 23/01/03 (photo : IDF spokesman)
Exploded bus and car as a result of a
suicide bomber
A display of ammunition caught on board of
Karin A by the IDF (photo : IDF spokesman)
Routine checking to prevent terrorist entry into Israel. (photo : Bamachane)
          Design of the Multi layered Fence system


The Security Fence is a multi layered composite obstacle comprised of several elements:

  • A ditch and a pyramid shaped stack of six coils of barbed wire on the eastern side of the structure, barbed wire only on the western side.

  • A path enabling the patrol of IDF forces on both sides of the structure.

  • An intrusion- detection fence, in the center, with sensors to warn
    of any incursion.

  • Smoothed strip of sand that runs parallel to the fence, to detect footprints.

  • Solid barrier system
    This particular design is used in a minority of cases- a total of 8 km in the initial stages of the project (4%). Its main purpose is to prevent sniper fire into Israel and on major highways and roads. In this case, a solid concrete wall resembling a highway sound barrier often used in the US and Europe is erected. This design is used mainly along the new Trans - Israel Highway, in Bat Hefer and Matan, and in densely populated urban areas such as Jerusalem. Once the whole project is completed, the portion of the concrete sections will be 6%, approximately 30 km.

  • Various observation systems are being installed along the fence alerting authorities, beforehand, to attempted intrusions.
    IDF and Border Police units will be deployed along the
    Security Fence under the command of the IDF.
    Their deployment requires coordination and cooperation governed by the mutual wish to discover a terror act in its planning stage and thwart it.



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