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This is the home page of Oriental Rug Review, a journal of oriental rugs, other textiles and the pertaining literature which was published in the U.S.A. for 15 years, from March, 1981 to March, 1996. Oriental Rug Review was first published as a black and white monthly tabloid in March 1981. In October 1987 ORR was converted to a color magazine format and was issued bi-monthly.

ORR lives on at this home page. Our eventual goal is to publish everything we have published in the past . We have taken on a massive and complex task which, perhaps forevermore, should be considered a work in progress. We will make it as easy as possible for you to access all of our material. Both our detailed list of back issues and our cross-referenced volume indexes will be filled with links to articles and illustrations. The task of finding a specific article or group of articles (such as everything on Turkoman weaving) is made easier because of search capabilities. Also, we have grouped all of our articles by categories, such as by subject matter and weaving areas. Please be in touch with us with your advice, comments, criticisms and suggestions.

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Important Note, Important to us, Anyway

Above, we describe our intent to publish here all we have published in print, both Oriental Rug Review as a color magazine and in its prior tabloid incarnation. We would appreciate your help. The best way you can help is to send money, not a lot, but enough to encourage us in this continuing effort. This is sort of like the vegetable stand that works on the honor principal, or, perhaps, a better model would be public radio and television. They put up the product and hope you will support them. When in print a yearly subscription to ORR was $48. If you can see your way clear to send that, or more, or less, it would be most appreciated. Funds can be sent to ronocal@lr.net via Paypal, or by check to the above address. Whether you assist us or not, please enjoy the articles we have posted below.

Volumes 8 - 16, Oriental Rug Review in color magazine format

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Detailed List of Back Issues, Vol. 8-16
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Detailed List of Back Issues, Vol. 8-16
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Most Recent Article Published on the Oriental Rug Review Home Page

Pile Rugs of the Baluch and Their Neighbors, Part I, by Dr. Dietrich H. G. Wegner, Oriental Rug Review, Vol. 5, No. 4, p. page 3/139, July 1985.

Oriental Rug Cartoons

We celebrate that great oriental rug institution, the GOB

A New England Country Auction, c. 1880

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General Categories of Articles

Detailed List of Back Issues, Vol. 8-16

The Current Rug Exhibition
Turkoman Rug Exhibition. An Exhibition of the S. M. Dudin Collection of Turkoman Rugs from the State Museum of Ethnography of the People of Russia.

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Indexes, Volume 1 - 16. This is the combined
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