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image_1367808439104940Recently, Dangapotamus.com got a chance to sit down and ask some questions  with Chuck Dixon At Yancy St.Comics "Free Comic Book Day".


Q: Chucky D… We see you all the time, can we call you Chucky D?

A: You can call me whatever I'm really not that sensitive about it.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about IDW's GI Joe?

A: My book now is G.I. Joe Special Missions. And it is what it sounds like. It’s basically a revisiting of the original narration of G.I. Joe Special Missions, where it’s a smaller team chosen from across all of the Joes and they go on a specific tough mission. You can think of it of a military Mission: Impossible.

Q: Does it have characters from our childhood, Sgt Slaughter?

A: Unfortunately I don’t think they can come to a deal with the WWE to get Sgt. Slaughter, but its got a rotating cast. The characters that are in it the most are Scarlet, Mainframe, Beach head, Tripwire, Dailtone, then we rotate. I just introduced Spirit and we’ve had Roadblock, Ripcord the whole cast.

Q: Your wikipedia mentioned you passed on writing the screenplay for the expendables 2?

A: Well they passed on me. I submitted a treatment. I had a couple of meetings. I got a phone call from out of the blue from Sylvester Stallone, He had seen my comic work and wanted me involved in the movie. I went out there and had a couple of meetings. I met Stallone and the producers didn’t want to pony up the money, they thought they were gonna get me cheap cause I work in comics. But it was cool because Stallone suggested me for another job at Lionsgate that I'm doing right now. So it did lead to more work.

Q: Do you write a lot of screenplays?

A: No, I've written some treatments when I had to. I got a quasi-film deal going on, but of course everyone has a film deal you know. But do they ever come to anything? I had to rewrite someone else’s treatment; they took my property, had a guy write a treatment then asked me to rewrite his treatment. The thing I'm doing for Loinsgate is I have to write screenplays for them. So that’s a new thing for me. But it not anything I go out trying to find because I like comics, if I could just write comics id be fine.

Q:  I'm a big fan Nightwing and Robin Year One, can you tell us a little about the Robin series that you had a long run on?

A: Alan Grant really laid down the platform for Tim Drake. Showing him not as brash as Dick Grayson, a more thoughtful, I won’t say cautious but more deliberate. So I just ran with that. I created a Tim Drake that knew when he was in over his head, while he was still in training and becoming Robin. I was on it for a hundred issues, who knows how many mini-series, annuals and everything else. I kind of own the character but I really got to credit Alan for laying down a great character to begin with that I could bounce off of.

 Q: So you created Bane and all things Bane, and Bane breaks Batman’s back. How did this happen?

A: The whole Knightfall storyline was Denny O'Neil’s idea. He presented it to all of us, the whole Batman team at a summit and we just ran with that framework. We knew that in the storyline Batman was going to get his back broken. We also knew we wanted a new villain to do it because there really wasn’t anyone in the rouges gallery capable of defeating batman in that way except KGBeast. There wasn’t any KGBeast anymore and his reason for existing kinda fell by the wayside. So we knew we needed a new guy who was the intellectual and physical equal of Batman and we added the edge of venom. So when we got to the point where we needed to put the villain in the story we didn't have a villain, we didn't have a name, we didn’t have an origin. Denny assigned me, he told me give this guy a reason for being. So a lil Alexander Dumas, lil of this, a lil that and we got Bane. We spent a lot of hours on the phone talking to Gram Nolan what he would look like and we ended up with this character, I am just stunned he is a permanent part of Batman. He is a classic batman character. You can write your whole life in comics and never do something like that. I'm very very fortunate.


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