I’m not entirely sure this goals list is working out  - I mean yes, I can list and cross off goals and I can even add new goals but some of those things have to be monitored – it’s not like my goals are similar to “Climb Kilimanjaro”  …. check…. done.

Some are, for instance I don’t want to have to cross off “loose 30 lbs” twice but, I also can’t cross off exercise because I did it today.  I need it to reappear tomorrow and the next day and the next day.

Today, after updating my goals list to the most current release as of January 18, 2013, I’m going to find something that works a little better because I have a new Idea to facilitate goal setting and goal reaching and I’m going to test it on myself here to see if it might be a long term achievable sustainable workable … “thing”.

Health & Wellness Goals

  1. Loose 35 Lbs
  2. Loose 30 Lbs
  3. Loose 25 Lbs
  4. Loose 10 lbs
  5. Loose 15 lbs
  6. Loose 20 Lbs
  7. Stick to my diet
  8. Learn to drink my coffee black
  9. Weigh Myself every day (even when I'm afraid to)
  10. Start Yoga


  1. Meditate
  2. Practice Gratitude


  1. Become a Photographer
  2. Write every day (be a writer)
  3. Create 1-2 hours of me time per day

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