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Last Updated: Friday, 31 March 2006, 15:33 GMT 16:33 UK
Coldplay top 2005's global charts
Coldplay singer Chris Martin at the Brit Awards
Coldplay's third album X&Y; earned them two Brit Awards in February
Coldplay had the world's best-selling album of 2005, beating Mariah Carey and 50 Cent, according to official figures.

The British band's album X&Y; sold 8.3 million copies around the world, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) reports.

It beat Mariah Carey's The Emancipation of Mimi, which sold 7.7 million, and 50 Cent's The Massacre, with 7.5 million.

The figures also showed digital music sales tripled last year but overall global music sales were down 3%.

The success of Coldplay's third album - released last June - confirms their position as one of the most popular bands in the world.

Mariah Carey
1. Coldplay, X&Y; (8.3m)
2. Mariah Carey, The Emancipation of Mimi (7.7m)
3. 50 Cent, The Massacre (7.5m)
4. Black Eyed Peas, Monkey Business (6.8m)
5. Green Day, American Idiot (6.4m)
6. Madonna, Confessions on a Dance Floor (6.3m)
7. Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway (6.1m)
8. Eminem, Curtain Call (5.5m)
9. James Blunt, Back to Bedlam (5.5m)
10. Robbie Williams, Intensive Care (5.4m)
Source: IFPI
It earned them two Brit Awards in February, but frontman Chris Martin caused a scare among fans and record company shareholders by using the ceremony to say "we won't see you for a long time".

A band spokesman insisted Coldplay were "not quitting" and would start work on new material soon.

The Black Eyed Peas were fourth in the worldwide album chart with Monkey Business, followed by American Idiot by Green Day.

Madonna was ahead of American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson in sixth spot with her Confessions on a Dance Floor CD.

Rap star Eminem's greatest hits album Curtain Call narrowly beat James Blunt's debut Back to Bedlam, with both selling about 5.5 million.

Robbie Williams was the third British act on the list, enjoying 5.4 million global sales of Intensive Care at number 10.

The value of digital music sales jumped to $1.1bn (633m) last year, up from $400m (230m) in 2004, according to the IFPI report.

But record company revenues for CDs and music DVDs - which account for most of the market - dropped 6.7%.

'digital Piracy'

Record company revenues were worth a total of $21bn (12bn) last year, the IFPI reported.

IFPI chairman John Kennedy said: "Physical music sales declined again for a combination of reasons, including digital and physical piracy, competition from other entertainment products and the shift in consumer spending to online and mobile.

"In 2006, we expect to see continued growth online and more innovative mobile services attracting music fans into the legal digital market.

"All our member record companies are now aggressively licensing and marketing music in digital formats."

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