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  1. lisavegandrinkssept2013

    Lisa and Vegan Outreach! (Photo courtesy of David Karopkin)

    Thank YOU for hanging out and supporting Vegan Outreach at Vegan Drinks NYC on September 26th. Thanks Andy and the crew at Fontana’s Bar for hosting and to Killer Vegan for feeding us!

    And, extra special thanks to those organizations and individuals who made Shout Outs:

    The NEXT Vegan Drinks NYC is happening on Thursday, October 31st (HALLOWEEN)! Details to be announced soon!

    Do you represent an animal rights group you think should be the beneficiary of an upcoming Vegan Drinks NYC? Visit to learn more about how to make that happen.

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  2. Spend time with the good people who come together for NYC Anarchist Black Cross‘s regular political prisoner letter-writing dinners:

    WHAT: Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner
    WHEN: 7pm sharp, Tuesday, September 17th, 2013
    WHERE: CAGE83A Hester Street (UPSTAIRS) New York, New York 10002 (directions below)
    COST: Free

    tyler and kevin

    After a traffic stop in which they refused consent to a police search, Tyler Lang and Kevin Olliff‘s car was searched anyway. Inside, police allege they found bolt cutters, wire cutters, muriatic acid, ski masks, and camouflage clothing.

    Police believed these items were “burglary tools” intended to be used in a crime, and arrested Kevin and Tyler. The two are held on felony charges which carry up to 3 years in prison. They have remained in jail since their arrest on August 14th.

    There is no evidence linking them to any crime or intended crime, nor were they arrested on anyone’s property, and their history as animal advocates is the only basis for these serious felony charges. A recent call-in campaign on their behalf resulted in threats of further punishments.

    Continue Reading…

  3. A vegan supper club is coming to North Brooklyn Farms, a riverside urban farm located in Havemeyer Park (what use to be the parking lot of the old Domino Sugar factory). Emma Gonzalez, the chef behind Vegan Thursdays at Halyards (which she no longer does), will be bringing more vegan food to Brooklyn!

    The supper clubs will be held, so far, throughout the month of September, and will cost $30 (although the current ticket price listed is $40, Emma told me it’s actually $30) for a three-course meal. The first event will take place September 15th, and the menu is already up.


    Emma cooking up a vegan feast

    I asked Emma to share a little bit more about what people can expect from her dinners:

    The menu focuses on seasonal vegetables grown on the farm, and picked that day! And dinner takes place in the middle of the farm, as the sun sets over the bridge, which is just about the prettiest view I know of. It’s really lovely.

    You’ve heard of farm-to-table, but this time the farm is literally only a few feet away from the table. You can see the planned schedule so far, as well as buy tickets in advance.

  4. marchvdsignJoin us THIS Thursday, August 29, from 7:00pm to 10:00pm for Vegan Drinks NYC! Find us at Fontana’s Barlocated at 105 Eldridge Street on the Lower East Side. Show up hungry because Chef Oscar Vegan Revolution will serve up what is rumored to be the best vegan tuna melt and mac ‘n cheese in town, among other delicious fare!

    This month, we’ll be benefiting Evolve for Animals, “a grassroots nonprofit organization that unabashedly advocates for the total and unfettered rights of non-human animals through education-based outreach events such as tabling, leafleting, public speaking engagements, film screenings, and vegan soup kitchens. While other organizations may focus on the treatment of animals, EFA presents the case for animal rights from the perspective of use and commodification where any and all impositions on sentient life is defined as violence, and veganism is the proposed solution.”

    Stuff your dollars in the donation jar, and buy raffle tickets from Evolve for Animals to win one of these great prizes:

    • Copy of Sistah Vegan
    • Copy of The Global Vegan Family Cookbook
    • Copy of Defiant Daughters
    • T-shirts by Arm the Animals
    • $25 Vegan Essentials Gift Certificate
    • $40 Candle Café West Gift Certificate
    • Three $25 Loving Hut Gift Certificates
    • Two $25 Beyond Sushi Gift Certificates
    • $50 FurFace Pet Portraits Gift Certificate

    Music by DJ Megan Rascal and DJ Jason Das! (DJ Grand Format is a nerd and went back to school. We’ll miss him until he comes back to us!)

    Wanna let all your Internet friends know you’re going? RSVP on Facebook if you’re of the mindset to do so.

    Have you read the new and improved Vegan Drinks FAQ? Please read it, even if you’re a regular at our event. (Really, please read it. All of it.)

    We’ll turn down the music around 8:30pm and encourage people to promote themselves, their groups and/or causes for 30 seconds. If you represent a veg*n or animal rights group, come prepared with your (very short!) spiel and literature.

    If you’re not already following our every move, connect with Vegan Drinks on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@vegandrinks), and join our e-mail list.

    Vegan Drinks NYC is usually held the last Thursday of the month from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Do you represent an animal rights group you think should be the beneficiary of an upcoming Vegan Drinks NYC? Visit to learn more about how to make that happen.

  5. veganshopaug

    Summer is winding down, which means soon going to the Vegan Shop-Up will feel like navigating a sea of puffy winter coats. The monthly event returns this Saturday, August 10th at their usual location, Pine Box Rock Shop, from 12-6pm. Admission is still free, and the vendors are still as awesome as ever. Fill up on cruelty-free food, drink, home and beauty items, and of course Bloody Marys from the bar. If you haven’t been, get it in before the weather turns cold!