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Gulf Coast Claims Facility

Gulf Coast Claims Facility

GCCF – Gulf Coast Claims Facility

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility – also referred to as the GCCF, was established in 2010 by BP following the Deepwater Horizon oil spillage incident in the Gulf of Mexico. BP was instructed to form this facility as an easier way for people, to file their own claims for loss and damages as a result of the mass oil spillage in April of 2010.

Mr Kenneth Feinberg has been appointed as the administrator of all claims at the GCCF, and he is responsible for all decisions regarding the processing of claims submitted to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

Mr Feinberg, and the GCCF, actually act on behalf of BP (British Petroleum) and manage all claims represented. Although BP pay the claims which are to be settled, they have no say in the individual claims cases, nor are they able to refuse any amounts agreed to be paid. The review of all claims is at the sole discretion of Mr Feinberg, and the team at the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

Mr Feinberg was appointed to manage the Gulf Coast Claims Facility as instructed by the White House, following his role in the administering and management of claims following the September 11th terrorist attacks.

It is the role of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility to resolve claims submitted from both individual and businesses, affected by this oil spill in 2010. This facility is operating on behalf of BP, to fulfil their statuary obligations under the Oil Pollution Act.

Although the Gulf Coast Claims Facility operate independently from BP, they are unable to offer any legal advice on individual claims, and it is highly recommended you seek professional legal advice before filing, and accepting any offer made by the GCCF. Once you have accepted an offer made by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, or signed a release of your legal rights, you may not have the option of seeking legal representation to help with your case. If you feel you need support with your case, make sure you seek advice immediately. For more information, read up on the GCCF BP Claims process.

In the past year, the Gulf Coast Claims Facility has faced a lot of pressure from claimants and businesses, who feel their claims process is unnecessarily long, complicated, and also frustrating. Many times, claimants have had to resubmit documentation due to this being mislaid by the GCCF, or even finding the amount offered does not match the damages and losses suffered.

There has also been a report of unequal treatment offered to claimants, where there is no uniformity in the amounts offered as settlement on similar cases. Without the right knowledge and sufficient documentation, you could find your own BP claim could result in a lower amount of compensation being offered – which is why legal representation is strongly recommended.

Once you have filed a claim with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, it can take up to 90 days for an offer to be made based on your documentation. If you are offered an amount which does not truly represent what you have requested, be sure to seek the advice of a legal professional to help with your claim.

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