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Here’s how to protect yourself against crooks taking out credit, applying for loans, or opening bank accounts in your name. And it’s FREE * , all you have to do is send Notice of Correction Notice of Correction**   letters to Britain’s 3 Credit Reference Agencies to warn financial service providers that applications in your name for financial products must be accompanied by your thumbprint or they should be treated as fraudulent.”

Lenders must take notice of this instruction. If a lender gives out any type of credit in your name and a thumbprint was not on the application, you are not liable.
And it has to be your thumbprint, – nobody else’s will do.
If anyone applies for a loan or credit using your personal details without submitting a print, the application should be refused.

If a print is submitted and an application granted, there’s no comeback on you. If the application was fraudulent you can prove without doubt the print on the application form is not yours. The fraudster’s print can then be given to the police as an aid to identifying the perpetrator.

* This system is absolutely FREE although a small voluntary contribution to any of the charities donation links on this page would be much appreciated.

To apply for financial products you’ll need an Inkless Thumbprint Inkless Thumbprint PadPad ( click on thumbprint for details) .  Why not ask your bank or building society to make inkless pads available for your use?

** It is advisable to check your Credit File (£2) prior to submitting your Notice of Correction. The Notice of Correction facility only allows 200 words and you may have to use some of the allocation to explain something on your file.
Notice of Correction
Follow Steps
StepsStep 1 Enter Enter Details Step 2 Enter Print Off Step 3 Enter Sign and Send by Post

[ Click links below click any Equifax Ltdlink below to access letters]


( Note * Please read notes before completing letters ) 
Below are the 3 Letters you send to Equifax/Experian/CallCredit. 

* NotesNotes (PLEASE READ)
Enter Details Select and enter your details into the three letters below
Print Off Letter PRINT OFF the three letters.
Post Letter SIGN ( No need to 'Thumbprint' ) and SEND by POST to address on letter.

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