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GTA 5 actors respond to claims they are glamourising violence

Grand Theft Auto 5′s leading cast members have responded to accusations that they are encouraging and glamourising violence.

Speaking with PC Advisor Michael De Santa voice actor Ned Luke said of the matter, “Anyone who has any conception at all about the games and hasn’t played them should go play the games before they open their mouths. The biggest misconception is that it glamorizes violence. It really doesn’t. If you look at my character, Michael, he’s rich, but he’s a miserable man. Even in the commercials you see that. This is a guy who’s struggling with his life’s decisions.

“If you want to take something out the game, take out of it that here’s a guy who loves his family, who’s kind of lost. He’s trying to hold it together. He’s trying to become a good guy, but he can’t. He just has all these demons that he’s battling. It’s the struggle. Take that and look at how he loves his family even though he wants to kill them and that’s what it is. Look for the relationships. Look for the humor. Look for the irony and the satire in the game. That’s another big misconception. What, do they think we’re serious?”

Luke stated that the game shouldn’t be accepted as reality, but more of a power trip. He continued, “GTA allows you to tap into everything that you can’t do in real life. In real life, you don’t get to go out and rampage and do all these bad things. Gangster movies have been huge forever – Godfather, Casino, Goodfellas, all the way back to Jimmy Cagney. People lose themselves in the bad boy. And there isn’t anybody badder than the dudes in GTA. That’s why they’re so popular. You get to actually go out and do all these horrible things.

“As an actor, I got to go out and do all these crazy things and then go back home to my wife and my son and go out in the back yard and throw a baseball around like a normal all-American dad. I think that’s what these games are. People who take them too seriously and go, ‘Oh, this is life.’ No, this isn’t life. This is imagination. It’s just fun. You definitely don’t want GTA raising your children. But it’s not a bad release from them, when you need to get away.”

One character that has received mass criticism is Trevor Phillips. I discussed the graphic nature of one particularly debated scene in this blog (BEWARE SPOILERS). Trevor’s voice actor Steven Ogg said of such criticism, “The hypocrisy drives me crazy, it just sets the wrong focus. Why not talk about gun control? Why not talk about parenting? Why not talk of lack of family values? There are so many other things to talk about. Look at what’s on TV.

“Breaking Bad had that episode where ******** got his face blown off. There’s a lot of intense stuff out there. Video games are just an easy scapegoat. My nephew plays this game. I asked my sister if she was worried because there’s some pretty nasty stuff in there and she said, ‘I know he’s not going to go to school tomorrow with a gun. He’s not like that.’”

Meanwhile, aspirational ex-repo man Franklin has been seen as something of a middle ground. He’s not as controversial as his partner in crime, but regardless,voice actor Shawn Fonteno had this to say, “I know a few people that live that kind of (violent) lifestyle and when they play GTA they can relate to it. It has an impact to the point that they’re happy that they can just play it in the game and not have to relive it in real life. And that’s the big key thing with this, man. It’s just a video game. And people that have lived that life and have done them things, as I did, can just have fun with it in a game. You can leave it there and nobody’s getting hurt and you’re just having fun.

“People already have it in their mind that GTA is for kids because it’s a game. Then they hear about the violence and they’re instantly going to attack because it’s a game. Now, if it was a movie it would be a different story and these same people would be out there supporting it. GTA V is like a movie. Once they get the game in their hands, they’ll see. It says it big as day -Mature. It’s not for the kids to go get. It’s for Mature audiences only. If kids get it, then that’s on their parents.”

What do you think about the reactions above? Do you feel such criticism is unwarranted? Let us know what you think below.




04/10/13, 10:36 am

Weak people always blame others for their actions, never taking responsibility. No one forces them to copy things they see in games or movie scenarios. Everyone has free will and make their own choices in life, some make very bad ones, others good. To blame 3 actors for doing their jobs is ludicrous.
Maybe parents should take more interest in their kids instead of making an easy scapegoat.
If a kid goes rogue, look to the parents first is what I say. It’s 18+ for a reason.


04/10/13, 12:15 pm

torturing people is fun, really? american society is pretty sick


Ireland Michael
04/10/13, 12:44 pm

@2 Way to tar everyone with the exact same brush.


04/10/13, 1:53 pm

Bad parenting and easy access to war weapons aren’t a problem. Videogames are.


04/10/13, 2:01 pm

breaking bad is not for kids dumbass!


04/10/13, 2:25 pm

@5 neither is GTA


04/10/13, 4:42 pm




04/10/13, 4:45 pm


I don’t think anyone sane person thought the torture scene was fun, its clear that even the main character didn’t enjoy doing it as he shows regret after its over and hes the one deemed to be the crazy guy in the game.

You cant just judge an entire countries society over the contents of a game… Im pretty sure there is games made/ set in the UK and countries further east that include torture too.


04/10/13, 6:46 pm

Torture is the new black.

Rape is going to be really en-vogue next season.


04/10/13, 7:05 pm

South park’s “murder porn simulator” episode covers this very well.
Once again they were spot on.


05/10/13, 3:28 am

Of course they defend their actions. Money is the polar opposite of ethics, and they chose the money, as most of us would.


05/10/13, 10:48 am

Rockstar ARE glamourising crime. That fact became INDISPUTABLE when they began to hire real criminals to do the voice overs.


05/10/13, 1:31 pm

@9 Says it all despite being tongue in cheek.

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