GooseWatch NYC is committed to ending the killing of Canada geese by USDA Wildlife Services, as well as other animals in New York City and beyond, and we advocate for more humane and effective solutions to co-existing with geese and other wildlife through public outreach, education, political and grassroots organizing.


Since 2009, thousands of geese have been rounded up from New York City parks and Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and slaughtered. 


The Facts About NYC's Annual Canada Goose Slaughter


USDA agents kill Canada geese in June and July because they are at their most vulnerable and cannot fly, and they have babies (goslings) who are completely defenseless. Various justifications have been used to justify killing geese for lethal removal from public and private locations throughout NYC and the surrounding region. Our tax dollars finance the killing of our community's geese, and the killing program is executed by city, state and federal agencies - we have the right to trasparancy, but very little is revealed about the operations.


Protection of people & wildlife are not mutually exclusive options, we can & must do both in order to secure either.


Our coalition includes animal advocates, pilots, biologists, veterinarians, policy makers, community leaders, and members of the general public. Please click on the links above to learn more about the issue, and why killing geese is both unethical and lacks scientific merit. 


Canada Geese Roundup at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge: July 2, 2013

David Karopkin - Jane Velez-Mitchell HLN: June 29, 2012


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