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The official currency of Timor-Leste is the United States dollar , which is legal tender for all payments made in cash.

Since 10 November 2003 the Central Bank of Timor-Leste issues coins known as "centavos" minted especially to be used in the country. There are coins minted with dates from 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2011, 2012 and 2003. There are no 1 "centavo" coins for last year.

The centavos are equivalent in value to the United States cents, the conversion rate being 100 Timor centavos = 100 United States cents. 

Timor-Leste Coins: Centavos

 Silver Coins

 Golden Coins



Currency Legislation Law 20/2003 provides more  information about Timor-Leste currency.

United States Dollars (link for BEP - US US Bureau of Engraving and Printing).

Counterfeit Currency and related penalties (link for site on USD counterfeits).

Timor-Leste Coins Design & Specification:

According to Public Instruction No. 01/2004 under Article 3.3 (centavo coins shall be minted according to the following specification):







1 centavo



Nickel coated steel


5 centavos



Nickel coated steel


10 centavos



Nickel coated steel


25 centavos



Nickel coated alloy (2003-2012)

Nickel coated alloy  and Aluminum ( from 2013)


50 centavos



Nickel coated alloy  (2003-2012)

Nickel coated alloy  and Aluminum ( from 2013)


100 centavos



Outer yellow cupronickel and Aluminum Inner white cupronickel (2012)



Numismatic coins - Agencies

The minting of the Timorese coins (1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 centavos) for public circulation included the minting of numismatic sets for collectors for years 2003 to 2012.  The Commemorative Coins are minting gold and silver to recognize the transformation of the BPA into Banco Central de Timor-Leste on 2011.

 These sets are produced in three types: high quality “Proof” coins (box) and carton packs of  “Brilliant Uncirculated” coins. In Timor-Leste all these sets are available at BCTL, selected banks, and other outlets .

Below: BNC (folder) and PROOF (wooden box) sets of 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2012 numismatic and commemorative coins 2011.





The Independence Medallion is NOT used as currency . It is a souvenir of Timor-Leste Independence (20/May/2002) made from pure silver and available at BCTL for US$75.The numismatic coins are available for sale  in Timor-Leste at BCTL and its worldwide agent is INCM (the Portuguese Mint who minted the Timorese coins), including Online Sales

Type / Year: 2002 2003 2004 2005 2011  2012


Campaign - Know Your Currency

Every day, the notes and coins continually circulate or change hands among the public. The public generally accepts and/ or passes them on as legal tender, without full knowledge if the currency is genuine. Those who fail to carefully examine the money they received are potentially victims of counterfeit currency. Read More...

Public Education Program (Damaged/Mutilated Currency)

Mutilated currency is a term used to describe currency which is very badly damaged, to the point where it is difficult to determine the value of the currency, or where it is not clear that at least half of the note is present. Common causes of damage are fire, water, chemicals, explosives, animals or damage from extended burying of the currency. Detail Information on damaged notes or mutilated currency can also be downloaded below;


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