The Mozilla Festival (#Mozfest) is an annual read/write event for people who care about how we participate on the web. Let’s build the web we want. Make a difference in your community.

  • For catalysts, change agents and regular people who want to make a difference.
  • Representing hundreds of communities building the web we want.
  • Getting together to learn from one another and increase our shared impact.
  • Creating change in games, journalism, science, education and much more.
  • Catalysts

    Mentoring, change agents and web literacy are a key focus of this year’s Mozilla Festival.

    Bring your expertise, ideas and enthusiasm to MozFest and help grow a global movement for fostering web literacy around the world.

    Connect with colleagues and makers to refine your projects, further your goals, and share resources. Learn how projects like Webmaker, Open Badges and others are rewarding achievement and unlocking the web’s full learning potential.

  • Makers

    Mozilla Festival opens up a world of ideas, activities and opportunities for webmakers.

    Pick up skills to bring webmaking into your community and make new projects that help others do the same.

    Empower digital creators with exciting activities, learn-as-you-make resources, mentor networks and more. Mozilla partners like the Hive Learning Networks, Open News, Science Lab, Open Art and more will be on hand to teach, share and create with you.


Themes we’re exploring this year:

  • Build Webmaker Together
  • Hackable Games
  • Make the Web Physical
  • Security and Privacy
  • Skills and Badges
  • Source Code for Journalism
  • Teach the Web
  • Webmaking for Mobile
  • Connect Your City
  • Science With the Web

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