Colorado mortgage rates updated daily.

Colorado mortgage rates

Searching for current Colorado mortgage rates? Are you looking for a fixed rate or and adjustable rate loan? These are important decisions when looking to purchase a new home, below you will find the weekly average mortgage rates for Colorado.

CO Mortgage Rates

Mortgage ProductAvg. Interest Rate (current)Avg. Interest Rate (previous)
30 Year Fixed Conforming4.25%4.27%
15 Year Fixed Conforming3.33%3.34%
30 Year Fixed Jumbo4.53%4.58%
5/1 Year ARM Conforming3.46%3.53%
5/1 Year ARM Jumbo3.28%3.43%

Tip: As of January 2009, brokers who originate residential mortgage loans in the state of Colorado must be licensed in the State of Colorado.

Colorado Daily Mortgage Trend

Updated: 10-08-2013

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