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If you want a job work & training exotic animals, as an animal trainer, zoo keeper or any other animal job then... this is the place to start!

Since 1992 we have provided hands on instruction with tigers bears lions leopards panthers & many other exotic animals.

The foremost hands on animal training, educational and animal behavior center in the country taught by working studio trainers & professional animal actors. Our school specializes in providing hands-on training and instruction dedicated to teaching exotic animal training, husbandry & behavior in captivity & maintaining the preservation of non captive wildlife around the world.

All our instruction in based on our "affection training methods" and positive reinforcement in a safe & controlled environment. We are licensed & permitted by Federal, State and Local animal agencies.

Jobs working with animalsFor 15 years we have been providing students with safe and professional training to start a career working with animals in the film industry as animal trainers,zoos and animal parks.

We offer a variety of different programs from our Professional Animal Training Courses to our One Day Seminars and Animal Encounters. All our instructors are professional & experienced studio animal trainers.



Professional Animal Training Courses & Day Classes

Next course 14 Day Course - Please call if interested in this course- no dates set yet.

• Private Course - Offered year round, runs for 8 or 10 days 8 AM to 5 PM

• Trainer for the Day - Offered year round from 8 AM to 4 PM

• Animal Encounters - Offered year round, personalized to your preferences

• Weekend Course - Runs Sat & Sun for 9 weeks exact dates to be determined

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Exotic animal training school

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Seminar features "Lufuno" rare White Lion
White lion Lufuno

leopard cub
and our new cub "Murphy"

Hands on with tigers lions bearsAnimal Training School

Work with leopards  positive reinforcement  Students mock film day  White lion and Brian
We are also available for parties and private events

Exotic Animal Training School

White lion Lufuno
See our newest family member "Lufuno"
("Good To Love") our WHITE LION

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