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Welcome to the Fellowship of Friends wiki project!

This site was created from a desire to gather and make available the collective knowledge and experiences of the many people who have passed through or been affected by an organization called the Fellowship of Friends in the last four decades. The Fellowship is registered in California as a non-profit religious corporation (church), headquartered in Oregon House, though internally it refers to itself as "the School" and its members as "students".

Who are the contributors to this site? If you are a current member of the Fellowship of Friends, we are your former fellow students, center directors, octave helpers, bookkeepers, regional coordinators, vineyard workers, traveling teachers... friends. Many of us have spent substantial parts of our lives devoted to the cause and the teaching. Many of us then suddenly disappeared from your lives, and you never heard what happened. You were told to break any contact with us and that the Gods had taken away our understanding.

Each of us has a portion of the picture, of "what happened". Here are our stories.

If you have never been a member of the Fellowship of Friends, you may be reading this because someone close to you is a member, or because you are thinking of joining yourself. To read all the good things about the Fellowship, check out their website. Then if you want to hear a different aspect of the story, explore these pages.

If you have yourself had experience with the Fellowship of Friends, and have information to share, please write to tell us who you are, what is your connection to the FoF and what you would like to contribute. If you are a visitor and would like to tell us what you think of the site, please sign our Guestbook.

If you are looking for specific information, try the search field in the left margin on this page. Check back often, as the website grows and expands.

Thank you for visiting, and we welcome your feedback.

Road to Winery, Oregon House

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