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Shady records artist, “Ca$his,” drops an EP today which is a prelude to his album coming out this fall. “The County Hound,” inlcudes 8 tracks, one featuring Eminem and only cost 5 dollars, so you might as well cope the official copy ya dig. Check out the interview below, seems like making music saved his life.


1. Country Hound (Intro)
2. That N**ga a Gangsta
3. Gun Rule
4. Ms. Jenkins
5. Just Like Me
6. Pistol Poppin’ – Cashis, Eminem
7. Thoughts of Suicide
8. ‘Lac Motion [*]


RTNY: What was life like before rap?

Ca$his: My life before rap….shit. Like everybody else life before rap, fucked up. I was just a hustler, I was the everyday street hustler. I was like a broke millionaire, had a little bit of money that I thought was money. I got a lot of different stories and I got a lot of kids. My daddy wasn’t there so I’m providing for mine and my baby mothers. My life was a real struggle, I lost a lot of people.

RTNY: How did you get your start in rap?

Ca$his: I was in a circle of people freestyling. The freestyles started getting me a lot of attention, people saying that shit was dope. I was like for real?, I don’t even rap. I kept doing it and my man was like I need to stick with it. He got me in the studio and I laid down some shit. I felt comfortable, it felt good to be rapping. I never tried it before, it was something different. What started off as a hobby turned into a career.

RTNY: I know you from Chicago, and moved to Cali. What is  the difference in the music scene?

Ca$his: Chicago is mixed, it’s like west coast, down south, east coast, everything. Cali is just…., I don’t know. I don’t listen to the radio that much, I listen to Shade45 and shit like that.  Cali bump shit a lot of people don’t hear, like shit from the bay. A bunch of Snoop Dogg, old Ice Cube and Tupac. They  play a lot of down south music where I’m at. When I first came to Cali you would hear Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep or some west coast artist. Now it’s like all down south, which is different, but down south is dope though. It’s harder for a Cali artist to make it in Cali then anywhere else.

RTNY: What made you choose Shady Records?

Ca$his: That’s the only place I wanted to be. I told Paul Rosenberg that two years before he signed me. I told my lawyer if Shady is doing a deal sign it, that’s where I want to be. I was willing do whatever it took to get on that label, this is where I feel I’m destined to be at.

RTNY: How is your relationship with the artist at Shady Records?

Ca$his: It’s all good, me and Bobby Creek is hella cool, I was just fucking with Stat a minute ago. Me and Obie good, I got a good relationship with everyone. Eminem is like my best friend, we talk all the time. We talk about more than music, hours at a time, that’s my homeboy. We consider each other brothers.

RTNY: How is working with Eminem?

Ca$his: Great, he is the most important person in the studio and he is really talented. It always pushes you to the limits and make you give it your all on any record your on with Em. It’s amazing how he can make a record and leave and come back and change it into a whole new record, he’s fucking a genius. He doing the damn thing, even when people think he is not, he is still working.

RTNY: Tell us about the new EP, “The County Hound,” dropping May 22nd.

Ca$his: It’s a limited edition EP, we want the people to fiend for it and the album. Throw it out and have it sell out, we treating it like Jordan’s rookie card, my EP is going to be worth something.

RTNY: Can you tell us about the album?

Ca$his: The new album we be called, “The Loose Cannon,” its coming out September/October. You can expect crazy shit, my album is being mixed right now, you can expect something insane on my album. Expect the unexpected, expect real music and hunger. Not on some let me make some bubble gum music and sell a million ringtones shit. Expect passion, joy, love, hate and anger all in one project. I’m taking it back to real music, where there is no formula for it. I don’t have to throw this R&B chick and dude on there. Remember whatever was hot on someone album they put out as a single, that’s what we taking it back to. It’s definitely a diverse project. It changes every week, we about to start narrowing them down.
The album is ridiculous, Em is on there, Sha Money, Dre, Alchemist. The Re-Up was the setup, the Ep is the classic, it’s real shit. I’m giving you bits and pieces of my life on the EP. It leads you to questions and wanting to know more about me. We took songs that were going to be on the album and put them on the EP. There are like 5 million mixtapes floating around, so why not put an EP in the stores.

RTNY: Do you write all of your lyrics?

Ca$his: Hell yea I white my own lyrics. Also a real rapper doesn’t spit written freestyles. I’m a rapper’s rapper, I rap, that’s what I do. Em said I’m a young Roy Jones, pound for pound. He has heard stuff that no one else has heard yet. It’s like a big ass secret no one knows yet that we letting out. People don’t even know what’s waiting for them. That’s why I’m trying to maintain my composure and stay cool and stay out of trouble. Imagine if the day Tupac, Em or Snoop got signed and something happened to them right before their project came out. Hip Hop would of died already and not make that much money. I’m trying to avoid that so the world  can recognize my importance. It will be revealed to them soon, then they can hear the talent and growth in my delivery and lyrics. I just been a solo artist for a year, I’m ready though, this is what I was born to do. I’m my harshest critic, I want to make sure it’s the best it could be. I like to go back to my favorite records and tighten them up.
I make music that is relevant. There will always be despair, hope , money, poverty, hustling to make the way, death and there will always be love. Music is an artistic representation of my everyday life.

RTNY: Any last words for the fans?

Ca$his: to the fans, I love yall, I  thank yall for the support and demand for me to come out. This EP won’t let you down, it’s a limited edition release, so go out get it. there are a lot of surprises coming from me in the future. When you see me, smoke a blunt with me, I’m approachable, I’m not an asshole. I always love my fans, without yall I won’t be shit.