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Mailing List Help Information

Mailing List Help Information

Welcome to the mailing list help file. This help file will attempt to answer some basic questions that you as a subscriber may have about this mailing list. If you have a question that is not answered by this help file, please contact an administrator at abuse at

Common Questions:
  1. How did I get subscribed to this mailing list?
    Our mailing list application currently requires subscribers to double opt-in before they are subscribed to any of our mailing lists. This means that you or someone using your e-mail address has requested to be added to our mailing list, at which time our system sent a confirmation e-mail that was confirmed. If you did not confirm the subscription confirmation yourself, it is possible that our mailing list administrator has added your e-mail address to our system manually. Details about this transaction may be available upon request by e-mailing an administrator at abuse at
  2. How do I remove myself from this mailing list?
    If you would like to remove yourself from one or more of our mailing lists, you are free to do so by completing the following form. Once you have entered your e-mail address and selected which mailing list or lists you wish to be removed from, you will be required to confirm your opt-out request by following the hyperlink in an e-mail that you will receive.

    E-Mail Address:
  3. What is this e-mail that I received?
    This mailing list help file is not able to determine the content of the message you have received; however, if you have ended up at this page then it is likely that the message you received was sent using our mailing list management software. If you believe you have received a message in error, please contact an administrator at abuse at and inform them of your situation.
  4. How do I update my personal details for this mailing list?
    You can update your personal details by visiting the Update User Profile page.


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