Pierce Brosnan talks about his deep Catholic faith

Says it sustained him through major crises

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond
Pierce Brosnan as James Bond
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Pierce Brosnan admits that he might not have learned all he needed to know about math from the Christian Brothers in Ireland, but the teachers imparted one thing that has stayed with him to this day – his Catholic faith.

In an interesting new interview with RTE.ie to promote his patronage of the new Irish dramatic art academy The Lir, which will debut this fall at Trinity College in Dublin, Brosnan credits the power of prayer with guiding him through life’s ups and downs. 

"(Prayer) helped me with the loss of my wife to cancer and with a child who had fallen on tough times. Now prayer helps me to be a father, to be an actor and to be a man,” Brosnan told the Irish website.

“It always helps to have a bit of prayer in your back pocket. At the end of the day, you have to have something and for me that is God, Jesus, my Catholic upbringing, my faith.”

Pierce’s first wife, Cassandra Harris, died of ovarian cancer 20 years ago. The son they had together, Sean, was in a serious car crash a few years back in California, but luckily he survived and is thriving again.

Brosnan and his mother left his hometown of Navan, Co. Meath in 1964, when he was 12 years old, for greener pastures in London.  His father left the family when he was only two, so times were tough.

"In a way (my life) all leads back to a little boy in Navan, my home town on the banks of the Boyne.

Sometimes, it has been painted in melodramatic tones but it was a fantastic way to be brought up. The Catholicism and the Christian brothers, those are deep-rooted images and the foundation for a person of some acting skill,” he says.

"God has been good to me. My faith has been good to me in the moments of deepest suffering, doubt and fear. It is a constant, the language of prayer … I might not have got my sums right from the Christian Brothers or might not have got the greatest learning of literature from them but I certainly got a strapping amount of faith."


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Are you jealous godfree?
Two articles that are not hammering the catholic faith. I'm impressed. It would be a much better site if IC keep a balance in all things. We need uplifting articles as well. It's no fun leaving the site been depressed most of the time.
As far as we have seen, his life has been anything but catholic! He has it all and now he loves god because god has helped him! So, other people who have nothing in life should not thank this God? Honestly, I think he is talking lots of rubbish! I am not religious but if I was, I'd be very angry at people like him! Well at least he is hot!
Good article....country in religious turmoil - like USA
I think Mrs Sadler should realize he is and actor and the roles he plays are in no way a reflection on his deep personal beliefs.We all make choices everyday and its very puritanical of her to criticize him. In this day and age one should be commended on sharing from the heart and giving hope to other who face difficult situations. In fact it is not very christian to judge others. Pierce Brosnan is an excellent actor and deserves all the happiness he has worked to achieve. My dear mom use to teach us "If you can't say anything nice, shut your yap!" Please have a nice day Mrs. Sadler.
Mrs Sadler should realize he is an actor and to act roles does not always express a persons deep beliefs. Judging others is also not such a christen thing to do. In this day and age no one should be criticize for sharing their beliefs spiritually. My mother use to say "If you can't say anything nice then shut your yap!" Have a nice day.
Mel Gibson was sitting on the veranda with his wife one day. He says “I love you...” She says “Is that you or the beer talking?”... He says “It’s me... talking to the beer”. Mel isn’t a perfect Catholic... I dare say few people, including meself, are... but Mel holds on to his Catholic faith and is not ashamed to shout it out. Neither am I. >> Agreed, PB was a great JB - was sorry to see him dropped.
Sorry to disagree with you Jacers, but Mel Gibson is not exactly an example to anyone, even as a human being let alone a catholic. well done to Pierce Brosnan though. The worst thing the Broccolis ever did was to drop him as James Bond .
When one is given the gift of faith, one doesn't throw it away lightly in fashionable waves. Great to see Pierce Brosnan letting the world know he retains his Catholic faith. So too do other Hollywood stars like Mel Gibson and Jim Caviezel.
I am glad sanctuary house made him aan Hon. Brother years ago within the laity brotherhood of the passion of christ who staff sanctuary house ministry tho pierce may have forgotten Blog,,,,,.(one word). Sanctuaryhouse.tumblr.com Frank laity brother Peter Ananias Paul Adam. PAPA :) Founder Albany NY
Interesting and so true..
I new I liked Pierce Brosnan...Now I like him even more. He's a credit to his people.
Nice article, nice thoughts by Mr. Brosnan. It's such a shame that he's been able to compartmentalize his Faith in the way that he has. According to IMDB, he's for homosexual "marriage" and doesn't mind film nudity or sex scenes. Let us also not forget that he played James Bond in several (4 or 5?) films. A character known for promiscuity and violence. Not sure how he reconciles those choices and beliefs with the Catholic Faith he espouses. Maybe he'll realize how much he's compromised the Faith to be a successul actor in Hollywood..before it's too late. I hope so.
It is refreshing to hear of someone that makes his living in Hollywood not bashing religion for a change. Good on you Pierce.
A rare feel-good story coming from the IC newswire about the Catholic Faith rather than the usual negative story-lines that it usually churns out. Pierce Brosnan acknowledges the debt which he owes to his Christian brother teachers for the gift of the Catholic faith which they have passed on.

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